Kelly Smith and Ian Brannan

Recorded January 20, 2023 Archived January 20, 2023 53:25 minutes
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One Small Step partners Kelly Smith (42) and Ian Brannan (27) share their experiences growing up "different" in a small town, the need for nuance when considering issues like gun control and abortion, and why they are frustrated with both political parties.

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Ian shares his experience growing up gay in a small town, and Kelly shares her experience of being bullied for being "different."
Both partners share why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
Both partners discuss their views on gun control and the prevalence of gun ownership in their circles, including "liberals."
Ian shares the evolution of his political views, from being in the Young Democrat Club in college to becoming a registered Republican.
Both partners share their views regarding a recent bill in Kansas allowing sports betting.
Kelly shares her perception that some Republicans she knows espouse freedom, but only until they encounter "something they aren't comfortable with."
Ian shares his non-partisan views regarding abortion.
Ian shares that he feels like Democrats "tell him how to live as a gay man." He expresses his concern that children are allowed at drag shows that he considers "adult entertainment," while Kelly shares that some drag shows are more "family-friendly."
Both partners share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Kelly Smith
  • Ian Brannan

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