Kelsey Barnes and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte

Recorded April 9, 2023 Archived April 9, 2023 34:15 minutes
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Friends, colleagues, and current college students Kelsey Barnes (19) and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte (19) share a conversation about protecting and celebrating Black hair and expression. They also talk about their work as youth leaders on anti-hair discrimination legislation and supporting the CROWN Act in the New Mexico area.

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Kyana Sanchez Rodarte (KS) talks about meeting Kelsey Barnes (KB) through New Mexico Black Central Organizing Committee (NMBCOC).
KB talks about being Black in New Mexico and the power of having a group of Black women working on anti-hair discrimination legislation.
KS and KB explain the CROWN Act.
KS explains the importance of centering inclusion in their movement and work.
KB talks about showing up for her darker-skinned brothers and sisters, particularly in representation in media.
KB reflects on what Black people need to do to survive and the suppression of Black expression that sometimes happens for them to do this according to society's standards.
KB and KS talk about cultural appropriation.
KB reflects on the beauty of being Black.


  • Kelsey Barnes
  • Kyana Sanchez Rodarte

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