Kenneth Best and Carla Bruni

Recorded November 17, 2019 Archived November 19, 2019 45:48 minutes
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Kenneth "Ken" Best (63) and his friend, Carla Bruni (42), talk about Community Glue Workshop, a free monthly repair clinic in Chicago. Carla is one of the co-founders and Ken is a volunteer fixer.

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KB talks about his car breaking down this morning and how he found out about Community Glue when his wife saw a piece about it on NBC Nightly News.
KB talks about the creativity involved in fixing things and how his skills as a pilot helped him repair someone's fan.
CB talks about the community aspect of Community Glue.
CB explains how Community Glue started.
CB talks about what she's learned about working with volunteers for many years.
CB talks about how cool it is to witness what she calls the "resurrection experience" of people working together to fix things at the clinic.
CB talks about fears people have to try to fix certain things, like electronics.
CB talks about the mentorships she's seen develop among fixers.
CB says she loves seeing people light up when their stuff is valued and looked at, even if it can't be repaired.


  • Kenneth Best (b. 1956)
  • Carla Bruni (b. 1977)

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Community Glue Workshop

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