"Kicking and Perturbing Your Way to Discovery." an interview with Doug Jerolmack

Recorded March 18, 2019 Archived March 18, 2019 27:44 minutes
Id: APP619985


The next time you see a young kid skateboarding through the neighborhood, possibly listening to punk rock on their earbuds, remember that one day that kid could be your local science professor. Doug Jerolmack’s sturdy voice and love of experimenting has served him well as he’s “kicked and perturbed” his way through his environmental engineering and geomorphology interests. It’s also informed his larger view of how to be a true scientist, noting that the whole point of experiments is to try and disprove a hypothesis, instead of filling in the gaps to make it true. It’s that type of punk rock aesthetic that has fueled his passion for discovery. (Recorded 14 December 2018)


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  • Greg Roth
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