Kieryn McCann and Samuel Ketner

Recorded August 5, 2023 Archived August 5, 2023 52:52 minutes
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One Small Step partners Kieryn McCann (28) and Samuel "Sam" Ketner (56) discuss growing their own food, how COVID fueled online divisions, and what frustrates them about their own political "side."

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Kieryn McCann and Samuel "Sam" Ketner share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Sam shares why he enjoys creating AI art.
Kieryn and Sam share their struggles adjusting to college.
Sam describes how he got into teaching and both partners share some of their gaming interests.
Kieryn and Sam discuss gardening and self-sustaining food systems.
Kieryn shares her challenges with ADHD.
Kieryn shares why they are running for office and why being non-binary is similar to running as an Independent.
Sam shares why he feels bad for Gen Z, and Kieryn describes how they believe algorithms push people apart online.
Kieryn and Sam discuss what makes them uncomfortable about their own political "side."
Kieryn and Sam share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Kieryn McCann
  • Samuel Ketner

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