Kimberly Hauxhurst and Marian Veitch

Recorded March 2, 2020 Archived March 2, 2020 35:44 minutes
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Kimberly Hauxhurst (51) interviews her mother, Marian Veitch (76), about what it was like growing up in Alameda and Pleasant Hill, CA in the 1940s and '50s, and how her childhood impacted the way she decided to parent her own children.

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MV recalls growing up in Alameda, CA, a nickname she had and when she was told to give it up.
MV recalls growing up with her siblings in the ''40s and '50s and playing different games and going to the bay beach.
MV tells KH about her brother Dennis and the trouble he used to get into. She reflects on how she and her siblings were different.
MV recalls how during the day her mother would spend all day doing the laundry and keeping the house.
MV shares what she can recall of their life at war time during World War II and why her father wasn't in the army.
MV recalls her parents' drinking and when the whole family moved to Pleasant Hill.
MV remembers when her younger siblings were born and what she knows of how her parents met. She recalls what it was like living in Pleasant Hill.
MV reflects on how she made a conscious choice to parent differently than her parents.
MV reflects on why she can think back fondly on some childhood memories.


  • Kimberly Hauxhurst
  • Marian Veitch

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