Kris Fedro and Jeannie Gracey

Recorded May 26, 2022 Archived May 26, 2022 33:21 minutes
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Friends Kris Fedro (56) and Jeannine Gracey (49) reflect on their relationships with their fathers, friendship, and gratitude.

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K and J discuss the important life lessons they've learned from their fathers; reflecting on what lessons they want to take with them, and what they want to leave behind.
K and J talk about how they have worked to break negative cycles in their own families now that they are both parents.
K and J reflect on how their feelings towards their fathers have shifted since their passing, and what lessons and perspective they've gained.
K and J discuss their relationships with men and how their fathers shaped their expectations of men.
K explains how her perspective on the women in her family has shifted in recent years.
K and J express how proud they are of each other and how far they have come.
K and J share memories of their mothers from childhood and recent years, and reflect on their strength and challenges in life.
J recalls the little miracles she has experienced in life, the most impactful being the vision she had of a little girl shortly before realizing she was pregnant with her daughter.
K talks about the miracles she's experienced, even after hard times, especially the miracle of found family.
K and J reflect on the importance of gratitude in their lives.


  • Kris Fedro
  • Jeannie Gracey

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Missoula Public Library