La historia de mi Padre

Recorded December 3, 2019 Archived December 3, 2019 15:06 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in December 2, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA, Janet Luna (16 year old) interviews her father Maximino Luna (49 year old) about his experience on immigrating to the U.S at a young age. Max also discusses how he had to leave his family behind just to get a better life with better opportunities and success, not just for himself but his children. Even though the stories of Maximino have these big dreams of becoming a person with a profession he decided to work and let his children have a better life then he did. Max shares his stories about his first jobs in the U.S, staring off as dishwasher, to sewing clothes in factories to falling in love with the kitchen. In minute 6:14 he illustrates the dreams he has for his daughter Janet on becoming a person with a professional career and whatever I choose to become he accepts my dream. At the end of the discussion, Maximino shares two important people he will always remember in his life which will be his parents.


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