Lara Petitclerc-Stokes and Perry Stokes

Recorded August 26, 2022 Archived August 26, 2022 46:10 minutes
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Lara Petitclerc-Stokes (52) talks with her husband, Perry Stokes (53), about their early decision not to have children and how it is has benefitted their individual and collective lives.

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Perry (P) talks about when he first realized he didn't want to have children. It was early on in his life.
Laura (L) talks about when she first learned that Perry was considering getting a vasectomy when they first started dating as college students.
(L) talks about her mother who had her when she was a teenager. She felt like children were a burden because her mom had to struggle severely to make it.
(L) and (P) discuss overpopulation and the environmental benefits of not having children.
(P) tells funny stories about the day he got his vasectomy.
(P) talks about how he still connected with children in his role as an uncle and through his work as a librarian.
(L) talks about how hard it was to come back to America in 2002 after living and teaching in Japan. Japanese culture celebrates teachers more and teachers are generally more valued and received better pay.
(L) and (P) talk about their loving relationship.


  • Lara Petitclerc-Stokes
  • Perry Stokes

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