Larry Bell and Oliver Bell

Recorded March 16, 2023 Archived March 16, 2023 40:09 minutes
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Oliver Bell (41) interviews his father, Larry Bell (83), about his life, his artwork, and his approach to seeing the world. The two talk about centering improvisation, spontaneity, intuition, and trust in making art.

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Oliver Bell (OB) asks Larry Bell (LB) about his nickname "Ben Lux," and LB tells the story of how he got the name.
LB talks about his artwork and the interface of light and surface.
OB asks LB how he views his cube artwork.
OB talks about improvisation, spontaneity, and intuition, and asks LB his thoughts.
LB says that the most important energy or tool for art is trust.
OB asks LB about his love for guitars.
LB remembers discovering he had a hearing loss condition in his 40s.
LB expresses his happiness in doing work for himself and emphasizes the difference between making art and making a living.


  • Larry Bell
  • Oliver Bell

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Taos Public Library

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