Laura Coleman and Howard Collins

Recorded May 7, 2021 Archived May 6, 2021 31:37 minutes
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Friends Laura Coleman (57) and Howard Collins (60) discuss their work in battling child sex trafficking, and highlight the ways our society and culture contribute to the continued exploitation of children.

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LC talks about the first time she met HC. HC describes what launched him into the issue of child sex trafficking. LC and HC discuss the effects of trauma and vulnerable living situations in aiding child exploitation.
HC talks about the origin of Araminta Freedom Fund's name. LC and HC discuss the need for community healing, and talk about how many people are unaware that child sex trafficking and exploitation occur in the U.S.
HC and LC discuss what motivates them to do their work, and their favorite parts of the work. They discuss the normalization of exploitative actions in certain communities, and the role of the internet in furthering trafficking.
HC and LC discuss needing to change our culture, and the adultification of young girls.
HC discusses the role of pornography and shame in affecting the developing minds of youths, furthering exploitation, and hindering the development of healthy relationships.
LC discusses the roots of societal shame for young girls, and the sexualization of beauty. LC and HC discuss the need for hard conversations, healing in healthy communities, and honest storytelling in fixing shame and exploitative behaviors.
LC mentions how punitive measures rarely work, and talks about a "Thank You" letter they received.


  • Laura Coleman
  • Howard Collins

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