Laura Honeywood and Peter Crisci

Recorded August 11, 2022 Archived August 11, 2022 52:49 minutes
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One Small Step partners Laura Honeywood (41) and Peter Crisci (59) talk about their political views, abortion rights, and education.

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PC reads LH's bio and asks her about her about her career as a teacher.
LH and PC talk about their marriages and their wives.
PC talks about his father's death in the 1960s and how his mother had to work during a time that was difficult for women.
LH talks about her best friend and how she helped her through a tough time in her life.
LH talks about her political values and how it aligns with her identity.
LH and PC talks about Roe v. Wade, sex education, and their opinions on abortion.
PC talks about his upbringing and changes in the political atmosphere.
LH asks PC about his thoughts on systemic bias in the world.
LH talks about the difference between theoretically believing in something versus personally believing in something.


  • Laura Honeywood
  • Peter Crisci

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