Laurie Lea and Rolanda Telesford

Recorded April 29, 2022 Archived April 29, 2022 41:25 minutes
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Laurie Lea (73) recounts her life story of how she became the Resident Artist of the YWCA Brooklyn to her colleague and a YWCA staff member, Rolanda Telesford (48).

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Rolanda (R) asks Laurie (L) about her childhood. L discusses growing up in Atlanta, GA and having a storybook childhood, but then also a time period when all of that changed.
L discusses going to Colorado for college, her Father being murdered, and developing an eating disorder.
L shares that she moved back home with her Mother and tells a story about how she became and apprentice for a local sculptor. There was another young religious woman living there at the time named Cindy. L says she was an atheist then.
L discusses getting her first sculpture commission.
R asks L how she found art. L says that all children are artists, and she just never stopped.
L continues with the story about her first commissioned piece. It was cracking and Cindy said they should pray for it. There was a 'miracle' in the form of a man named Harry and the sculpture was saved.
L recounts fully accepting Jesus into her heart and hearing the voice of God tell her about her future.
R asks L how she got to the YWCA. L discusses moving to NYC and traveling and living off of grants until her friends had a financial intervention for her. L tells a story about how she wound up getting and apartment at the Y through a lottery and another miracle.
L shares how she became the resident artist at the Brooklyn YWCA.
R asks L about her relationships.
L discusses a series of relationships she had in NYC, including how she met her husband Tom.
L says God spoke her her again and said that Tom was going to have to wait for her for 7 years. She prayed and saw him in a new light.
L discusses the circumstances of her zoom wedding.
R asks L about life lessons. L says 'Trust God.'


  • Laurie Lea
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YWCA Brooklyn

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