Leana Pardo and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Recorded July 11, 2022 Archived July 11, 2022 49:30 minutes
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Morgan Zipf-Meister (38) interviews new colleague Leana Pardo (38) about Leana's sexual trauma, healing, and the importance of community.

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LP shares her various experiences with intimate partner and domestic violence and sexual assault. She shares that the most recent and last time she was abused changed her life.
LP shares the impact of childhood abuse on her adult life and how the abuse from a young age molds your expectation of love in a negative way.
LP shares her experience in a long-term abusive relationship. She shares it took her nine times to finally leave her abusive partner.
LP shares her experience in therapy and domestic violence support resources.
LP talks about an abusive experience from 2020 that changed her life.
LP shares that after her near-death experience she vowed to change her life. She told everyone in her life about her abuse, enrolled in EMDR therapy, yoga, and started to heal in various ways.
LP shares advice for fellow survivors based on her life and how she is working towards the life she deserves.
LP shares how community resources has helped her through suicidal ideation and depressing moments.


  • Leana Pardo
  • Morgan Zipf-Meister

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