Lena Jackson and Brian Kurzik

Recorded August 9, 2023 Archived August 9, 2023 46:56 minutes
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One Small Step partners Lena Jackson (46) and Brian Kurzik (34) talk about the struggles they have faced and overcome in life.

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Lean and Brian discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
Lena discusses being released from the hospital right at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Brian talks about overcoming the loss of his girlfriend.
Lena talks about the medical issues that her and her family have had to face.
Lena tells Brian about her childhood.
Brian reveals his passion for advocating for those who suffer from addiction.
Lena talks about the struggles she faced with her previous husbands addiction.
Lena talks about the good and bad aspects within her community and issues with healthcare.


  • Lena Jackson
  • Brian Kurzik

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