Leticia Acosta and Judith Lima

Recorded September 30, 2022 Archived September 30, 2022 01:08:24
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Judith Lima (25) shares a conversation with her mentor, Leticia Acosta (44), about participating in Subiendo Academy at the University of Texas, her experience in college, and the value of community and mentorship.

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JL remembers meeting LA while participating in the Subiendo Academy summer program at the University of Texas when she was in high school. LA also shares memories of first meeting JL.
JL talks about plans she had for herself while she was in high school.
JL talks about what led her to want to attend the University of Texas, saying that she felt like she already had a family and community at the University.
LA talks about wanting to build community on the University of Texas campus.
JL talks about “hitting rock bottom” while at college and about the community that stepped in to help.
JL talks about being involved in her community now.
JL discusses the importance of talking openly about mental health.
JL talks about the people who impacted her life the most during her time at the University of Texas.
JL talks about what she would like other people to know about the McCombs School of Business.
JL shares advice she would like to give students starting their careers.
JL talks about becoming involved in her niece’s school district and advocating for students and accessibility in schools.
JL talks about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in business.
JL talks about her dreams for the McCombs School of Business and Subiendo Academy.
JL shares her gratitude for LA and the McCombs School of Business.


  • Leticia Acosta
  • Judith Lima

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