Leticia Battise and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Recorded January 13, 2020 Archived January 13, 2020 30:55 minutes
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Leticia "Marcia" Battise [no age given] shares her thoughts on the current U.S. political climate, acting and trying to find community in an increasingly disconnected world with StoryCorps facilitator and new friend Ava Ahmadbeigi (26).

Subject Log / Time Code

MB describes her transition to the U.S. from Britain and the United Kingdom.
MB describes her experience in Hollywood.
MB discusses Hollywood and the current political climate.
AA asks MB to describe her aspirations in Hollywood.
AA asks MB to discuss how the current political climate affects her personally.
MB describes the different places she's lived around Los Angeles.
AA asks MB to discuss her hopes for her "American Dream".


  • Leticia Battise (b. 1976)
  • Ava Ahmadbeigi (b. 1993)

Recording Location

Downtown Santa Monica