Lexie Shaffer and Nastya Svilpova

Recorded February 19, 2023 Archived February 19, 2023 24:19 minutes
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Friends Lexie Shaffer (27) and Nastya Svilpova (25) come together to ask each other questions about friendship, community, and life.

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Lexie Shaffer (LS) and Nastya Svilpova (NS) talk about their decision to visit Marfa, Texas.
LS asks NS what our obligations are to others as humans, and NS talks about the importance of community.
NS talks about moving to Texas from Siberia.
NS jokes about "committing to the bit" with her life choices.
NS talks about loving to tell stories.
LS and NS talk about death and mortality.


  • Lexie Shaffer
  • Nastya Svilpova

Recording Location

Marfa Public Library