Liberata's journey, and her experience in the U.S.

Recorded August 14, 2018 Archived August 14, 2018 25:15 minutes
Id: APP516353


Liberata Ntahundu, a native Rwandanize who fled from her country due to a war that started in 1990 in Rwanda. She escaped Rwanda with her two children and her husband to find shelter in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which wasn’t all pretty, she and her family walked in the forest of DRC for about 5 months trying to find shelter. Due to an organization that help refugee (UNHCR) Liberata was given an opportunity to come here in the United States in 2003, where she started a new life with her two children. Liberata appreciates being here and is glad that her two children have good education and jobs. Even though she is here, a part of her is still in Rwanda because her husband is still there. Liberata was interviewed in her native language (Kinyarwanda) by Umutesi who also translated the story in English.

Liberate nu unyarwandakazi wo murwanda wa rokotse intambara yomurwanda, yavuye murwanda agenda murikongo aho yabonye uburenganzira bwo kuza aha muri America.


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