Interview with Liliana F.

Recorded July 2, 2018 Archived July 2, 2018 09:31 minutes
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Liliana F. talks about her family and their immigration story.


  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy




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00:00 Liliana, I'm 17. I'm Spanish and Italian. And yeah, I like to

00:10 Do I write I like to paint? I like taking photos. I like spray painting.

00:19 How, how long has your family been here?

00:24 Decades, probably like 40 years from my great-great-grandfather that came from Spain probably like in the 1920s.

00:35 Did you know a little bit about your culture in Spain? Now? It's not much.

00:42 I know.

00:46 Yeah, actually, I actually don't know a whole lot about it because it's just it's the most of my family has always lived in America. So it's just the older Generations that are no longer here that nobody really

01:01 Did you not like any like traditions or like something? I've honestly.

01:08 We don't really talk about it anymore. I know that my Grandpa probably does, but I he's no longer here either. So now everybody is just kind of American completely American.

01:22 So what do you think about immigrants? How would you define an immigrant?

01:28 It depends has different situations, but I think it's somebody seeking a better life. Someone taking more rides, more freedom, less fear. I think that there is some people that don't deserve, you know, criminals that, do you want to do harm. But it's very few and far that there's people like that. A lot of immigrants just look for a better life.

01:53 If you had the opportunity to helping them again, like how would you doing? Well, I would figure out what type of laws would sort of things they need and figure out their situation and how to get them in how to how I can help. It's kind of like, based on what they need, I guess.

02:13 They have to figure out what they need and get it done. How come out? Did you have any friends that are like immigration? 7th grade had just emigrated day. We're still going through the process. And I just know that Wednesday, we're finally legalized. They were just a static and so happy to be here. So it was kind of cool to see that Journey go through. And then, finally get legalized it took like quite a long time, though. I think she was here, illegally for like four or five years before she finally got legalized. And I think her parents got to work visa.

02:56 And stuff like that. To get over here.

02:59 Did she got like, to share with you like some of her like, background and her know? But I know that I, I got to see some of like the traditions of making tamales for Christmas and stuff and a lot of big celebration sign up. Believe, I actually got to celebrate like a day before I even Christmas Eve was kind of like her Christmas Eve, and she celebrated a little bit differently, just like a big family party.

03:29 Have you have you noticed some of the changes like in your community? Since like the President, Trump has changed a lot of fear, a lot of fear, a lot of anger and hurt towards people. He's kind of just making it seem like, immigrants are all evil all coming with bad intentions and it's not the case. I mean there is some like I said few and far that don't come with good intentions and the whole situation of him putting children in cages and separating them from their families. Just kind of sickens me because those are children. Like those are the least people you would expect to come in here and hurt somebody. So I just think a lot of people are in fear for their safety. And that's not what they come here for. So,

04:21 How did you feel growing up in your leg? Is it?

04:29 I know.

04:32 I can only change. What are your mangled?

04:37 To be successful. I am at an age where Life is starting. So I got to just makes figuring out how to get life together. I guess figure out how to be an adult and pay everything, but also still have money and live a happy life. Would you let career? Would you like to, like, study psychology? Probably? Cuz it's interesting to learn about people, especially, they have, like, mental illnesses. It's interesting to learn their point of view of things, what they see on a day-to-day basis. So that's probably what I would want to do.

05:14 What inspires you to like?

05:17 My my boyfriend's mom, has bipolar, severe, bipolar. So seeing the things that she goes to every day. And when is sing it, myself kind of just puts interested me. A really strong interested to see other people's situations and figure out how I can help them and without medication cuz I'd only like the medication part of psychology but this figure out how their brain works and how to make it more normal, I guess, you know, more normal life for them.

05:49 Do your tattoos have any my brother did. So it's just kind of like a Sentimental piece to my brother. And then this one's just cuz I grew up in Colorado on my life. So it's just the mountains have always been a cool place for me.

06:08 What are some of the best memories that you have?

06:14 I'm not sure. I mean there is

06:17 Probably.

06:22 I don't know, every like once every summer me and my mom had up to the flea market and we just spend all day and that area and will had to hide. I was waiting. So just like the memory every summer of, you know, having different things that make it special, I guess, but still the same tradition, so just a different types of memories that we do every summer but they're all different. So I can't really do like specific ones with like your dad and my brother have always lived with my grandma, but she was only there for most of our lives so it's kind of just me and him and then my dad was never there. So we just always live with my mom and my grandma.

07:07 How does that make you feel? It's it's less hard for me because I feel like a man is not always necessary in a woman's life. It's more of a mother because they raised a woman but just not having a male figure there, to lean on because Dad built like a stability their comfort. So not having that kind of sucks, but I just grown to, not feel that way anymore. So,

07:36 Who guides you to make the choices you make or who influenced you my brother? Because he's always been always had to raise him. So he's kind of like my own child, but he's also just someone I want to make proud out of anybody because he's, he looks up to me the most and he's kind of always watching my moves. So I just want to make sure that I make the Right Moves and become successful for him.

08:05 How old is your brother is 14. I think that you guys like spend a lot of time together. Yeah, we're all together all the time.

08:23 Is there anything else that you would like to share with those like?

08:28 Anything that you want to talk about? No, I just said this whole thing is kind of based on immigration. So I just hope that

08:39 With our next president or cleans up his act. I guess that it becomes something more positive thing. But a negative thing as it is now it's not like people are looking at something, they're going to want to say, oh, why would I want to go there? Why would I want to be with that president? Who is so derogatory towards, especially Mexican people. So, I just feel like, hopefully, we as a as a whole, as a America as a whole can fix that kind of

09:14 Assumption on our country, because that's not who we are as now aware made for us. Not weird we speak on. So that's basically that's it. Thank you for taking the time to come.