Lisa Cook and Margaret Levenstein

Recorded May 22, 2020 Archived May 21, 2020 40:30 minutes
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Lisa Cook (54) speaks with her friend and colleague Margaret Levenstein (57) about her experiences as an economist, data researcher, professor, and director of the the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research.

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ML describes her role in the ICPSR community, and shares some of her background as faculty at the University of Michigan for 30+ years.
They discuss the data sets they find most interesting, relating to epidemics and economical history. They talk about the importance of accessing the past through data.
ML discusses sensitive data collection practices, specifically concerning women and minorities in economic studies.
ML recalls coming to ICPSR in the 1990s, and shares early experiences before becoming the Director for the past four years.
LC recalls learning about the institute after her sister attended the ICPSR summer program and raved about it. ML speaks about inclusiveness and access being central to the ICPSR mission, and shares examples of where that is reflected in their work.
ML shares what inspires her daily: empowering others, human interaction, and her own family.
ML recalls what she wanted to be growing up, and speaks about attending college during the early days of Women's Studies before finding Economics.
LC asks ML to share the biggest leadership lessons she has taken away from her experiences. They express gratitude for each other.


  • Lisa Cook (b. 1964)
  • Margaret Levenstein (b. 1962)

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