Lisa Snyder and Heather Stocker

Recorded November 9, 2022 Archived November 9, 2022 49:15 minutes
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One Small Step partners Lisa Snyder (69) and Heather Stocker (48) discuss mental health, autism, and their concerns about their own political parties.

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Heather asks Lisa about how her work ethic informed her career and adult life.
Lisa asks Heather about how her father's death by suicide impacted her.
Lisa talks about her autistic son and his struggles with mental health.
Heather talks about how she creates meaning from life's difficulties.
Heather talks about being an Atheist. Both partners discuss the importance of giving back and how they enjoy helping people.
Lisa asks Heather about the concerns she expressed about Gen-Z in her bio.
Partners share why they both feel troubled by their own political party.


  • Lisa Snyder
  • Heather Stocker

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