Lizette Rohana and Diana [No Name Given]

Recorded February 26, 2023 Archived February 26, 2023 37:10 minutes
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Best friends and soul sisters Lizette "Liz" Rohana (38) and Diana [No Name Given] (34) share a conversation about their friendship, their Lebanese roots, and their deep love for one another.

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Liz Rohana (LR) and Diana [No Name Given] (D) express how it feels to have gone two months without seeing each other.
D talks about the honor of knowing LR and describes her as her soulmate.
D says she has been in the U.S. for nine years, but now, more than ever, feels like an immigrant.
D tells the story of the first time she and LR met.
D reflects on deciding to leave Lebanon in 2014 and the visa complications that were making it difficult to stay in her own country.
LR talks about the presence Lebanon has always had in her life and how she hopes to visit one day.
D asks, "How do you hold onto these traditions?" and expresses concern that she will lose her Arabic the longer she stays in the U.S.
D reflects on people not necessarily knowing where she's from based on her appearance.
LR describes her strong connection with D.


  • Lizette Rohana
  • Diana [No Name Given]

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Marfa Public Library