Jason Womack and Joe Bruzzese

Recorded September 27, 2008 Archived September 27, 2008 00:00 minutes
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Jason Womack, 36, in conversation with friend and business partner, Joe Bruzzese, 38.

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Jason on Joe growing up in Las Vegas and its influence on his relationship with risk.
Jason on meeting Joe in 1999 at the tail end of his teaching career.
Joe defines discipline as “remembering what you want.”
Joe on his mentor Paul Lee.
Jason on major changes made in his life fitness and career related.
Joe on confidence.
“It’s a risk to let someone know you appreciate them.” Jason


  • Jason Womack
  • Joe Bruzzese

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00:04 Hi, I'm Joe. BJ's currently 38.

00:11 Today is September 27th 2008 when the Foley Square.

00:17 I New York City here with my good buddy Jason Womack

00:24 And my name is Jason Womack. Can I age 36 September 27th? 2008 Lower Manhattan, New York City and sitting across from a good friend of mine longtime business partner and fellow visionary.

00:39 That's cool. You got to go second because you know

00:49 So we were what's up? What's a story about Joe?

00:53 That is kind of interesting that you know, if you if you look at what you're doing and how you do it today. How do you get here?

01:01 What's what's something that stands out as a wonderful question to begin with it was interesting as last night when we were downtown.

01:09 And we met those folks that we met. Maybe we'll talk about that in a little while. But the question of course cuz that's where you're from Las Vegas Las Vegas. Grew up in Las Vegas. Yeah, and then it was MGM 18-4 right on the Strip. Not really.

01:29 But the story that that I was hearing and I guess what what stood out for me is it's a everybody has a story about where they've come from and to think back to yeah, you were a kid growing up in Las Vegas around gambling. Yeah, we were off the strip, but it was something that was present and how different that is everyday from what most people would think to then here. We are, you know 38 years later.

01:58 Sitting downtown New York City inside of a story Corvette talking about story so it for me. I don't know if there's something that jumps out right away. It's it's the the duration that the story itself is just a journey and being able to see how things have changed along the way those words in that order from you before and one of the questions I have is how do you feel or or think I think about the Las Vegas culture that you semi describe the right now and you mention the word gambling and the thing that I know about you Joe is you are focused on action. You have an idea you implement the idea to figure out whether or not it's a good idea to take if the good one you'll continue doing it if it's not the new move on to the next one.

02:50 But it also piece of you someone ask you about that. The other piece of asking about you is about risk about trying things. What about upping the ante are upping the challenge and I just I hadn't connected a thought that you going up in Vegas and in that environment of act now and take a little risk how that might be playing out for you as you look at your own future have never thought about it in that realm from that perspective. Very interesting that you would bring that up. Yeah, I wouldn't have made that connection because I think for me when I talk about Vegas as a kid, it was yeah the gambling was there but I never lived anywhere else. So there was nothing for me that would think that life would be any different anywhere else. It wasn't until I came to California on a vacation as a kid in things are closing down at 7.

03:41 What's this all about? It's a 24-hour City. So for me to be here now and do your which is the closest thing for me to Vegas in that 24-hour non-stop, It's an interesting place to come back to but the part that questions you would ask about taking risk.

04:00 For me. It's an ongoing challenge Daly Daly Daly Daly. And how do I wear the family now to kids the wife, how do I look at risk and then be able to consider with the consequences of that of those risks might be in the future and what are the risks of them are willing to take personally where the wrist and willing to take professionally at this point. I look at my professional life that I'm probably going to take more risks there.

04:29 I feel like I can get out there and and do what it is. I'm excited about having the faith to trust to believe that someone's going to show up. I haven't gotten out of you and I were both former Educators in the classroom to be able to leave that environment step into this one and say things are going to be okay. We're always going to be okay just so we have a data point in the interview when you say this one are the next step. Let's just spell that out for us. Where do you see?

04:58 The next thing for you, so appreciate you just pushing me there.

05:03 That was the conversation that I think we had last night or a night or two ago, and it was where you going?

05:10 Where you going hunting for me this trip like the last trip that we hung out a couple years ago. Year-and-a-half ago came away from that. What a tremendous Leap Forward as a person as a professional in and for me it was now we've got to get outside of that teaching rounds and and be able to step out and say this is really what I want to be doing. I want to be speaking. I want to be writing and that was something different than what I had in doing for me now as I think about what happens tomorrow what happens every day after that. It's

05:49 Got to get out there and let people know who Joe Burrus a says what he does with his expertise says and let them see what it is that I've got to bring to the table and how it can change people change the world we had this conversation last night. So I'm doing a lot of the talking I got to start throwing questions back your way. The last thing I just kind of put out there is one of the things we talked about having the faith the trust of the belief or the confidence and I know that confidence is a big word in your world. It's what you're writing about it, but you're speaking about in early 2009 your first book we published so he not huge round of applause and accolades on that, but there's also that thing about having a reference point in going back and I believe that our first trip to a Courtyard by Marriott back in June of and I'm thinking of it was June of 2006.

06:44 2000 + 5005

06:47 And that was no you're right 2006. Okay, and that was outside the box outside the comfort zone but then we built this reference point of building a dream of building a vision of making that okay. And for me, I really believe that this trip is another reference point that we're going to look back on this trip of all the things that we've experienced from September 25th 2008 until tomorrow September 28th weather at the meeting the cast of the show that we saw whether it was finding the storycorps booth with Grace and ease whether it was, responding to weather the weather was going to change whether I was going to be able to get to work on time whether we're going to find a cab all of these things. I believe are how we live and I know one of the things we used to talk about was the line of anticipating success and expecting something.

07:42 I really believe we're truly demonstrating what it's like just to anticipate look forward to or maybe it's even invited in.

07:51 Something that really resonates right of the core with me and that's you're going to find what you're looking for. Whatever that is. If it's the positive. I'm coming to this experience looking for opportunity looking to spend some incredible time with a colleague with a friend looking to explore. What's your New York find the best of what's their everything that I've just share with you is what I found.

08:18 Forget you talk to five different people you're going to get five different stories in exactly the same place doing exactly the same thing and it's how did you keep that mindset focus in a way that things are going to start to show up and that for me is a difference anticipate vs. Expect anticipate. I've got a vision of what I'm looking for, but I'm hoping it's going to come my way and I pursue that direction.

08:45 Expect if it doesn't happen. I'm disappointed.

08:49 Come on.

08:51 At the EZ Pass EZ try and pick a direction continue on in that direction see what comes your way and then get excited about it builds momentum supper me sharing time with you saw that anticipation cuz I know wonderful things are going to show up. All we got to do is spend time together and magical things happen. I think that's true for both of us. Absolutely. We've we've experienced that at the two meals that we've shared versus all the way to the like I said the show was my mamma mia last night. We're going to go see Avenue Q this evening, so it'll be another good a good time together. So the story that you have just year and I have just these checkpoints along the way based on what I you share with me what I know about you as I said earlier, we were both Educators in the classroom.

09:47 Major checkpoint, but from their your story, I think deviated drastically from what 99.9% of people that would have been in the classroom would have done where their career where their life would have gone. Tell him I

10:06 I think it's important for this interview to let remind ourselves that we met in 1999.

10:15 As I was ending my teaching career if you will write and there was a time. Of we waste Triathlon together. We even started a company together Fit Kids remember that I do and writing articles and doing coaching with the kids and looking for ways to bring that. Hope of opportunity. So I think if I had a storyline us a quart of my story here in the storycorps booth it would be

10:43 Finding looking for looking forward to Opportunities and if my experience of the deviation of a of a classroom teacher who was very successful who taught for 5 years who loved every day with the kids who couldn't wait to get back to work and if that kind of a person would leave education and and go along a track if I deviated off of that the only reason that I think I did that is cuz I I looked for the opportunities. So I put in a leave of absence in 1999 to take a year off without pay but I will be able to get my job back if I didn't find anything while I didn't have a job lined up and I quit that job when I put in for leave of absence. So that would write those kind of a first face step something will show up and I remember I got an application of Barnes & Noble to be an assistant manager. I wrote to Deloitte & touche when they were still hiring for Consultants thought about writing a book for a year.

11:43 It was fascinating of I told people and this is where I learned to be very careful about who I tell my goal is to as I would tell different people about what I was thinking of doing the responses. I would get really impacted me and if it's one thing that I like to talk about today and my seminars in my articles in the book it all eventually right be careful who I Ally with be careful who I surround myself with I was talk about my team that close personal group of folks around me who I can share my dreams in my Visions with because they won't see how I can't do it or from an appositive the look at me and smile and go. Yeah, you probably could do that based on what I've seen you do for the past few years so that theme of creating opportunity that was fascinating as it didn't just show up when I left teaching and I can think back in my life. I double major in college.

12:37 U.s. History in Spanish language. I got a teaching credential. I'm sorry. I got a master's degree. And then I got for teaching credentials when I applied to schools. I said I can teach Spanish. I can teach social studies of Coach baseball all teach ESL even got a credential on that stuff for me. It's always about being ready for the next deal bring back Vegas by putting up with someone throwing cards down and whatever the cliche you want to take. You know life is that it's not the cards you're dealt to tell you play the game and if you're given Lemonade's make a lemonade stand, but I think they're true. They're really true in my life. And you know, another reference point that you and I have is just kind of what I've been going through in my own personal life. We've been sharing for the past couple weeks and really looking back and thinking you know, what what is it? I want to anticipate next and what is it? I'm willing to give my all to in it.

13:37 That's if there's one thing I could stand up and and want to demonstrate the people is I will give my all.

13:45 And if you're a friend, you are a friend and call me for anything. If I'm going to start a business. I'm going to start a business that will be successful. If I want to meet someone on medium. I will find a way and it's because I I have practiced that's another thing that I carry is I practice on the small things in my life. So for example today, we arrived at Grand Central. We had a good 40 minutes of lead time. I'm thinking crate were early. This is perfect. We walk around and got a little snack. You hand me your phone either Hey, listen to the voicemail. I don't totally understand it. And that's when we found out that the interview is going to be in lower Manhattan a good eight subway stops away. And we had a little meeting we want to do what you want to do. We didn't run we didn't stress out. I didn't break a sweat. We walk down the stairs as we walk down the stairs at Subway doors open as a Subway doors open. We walked on they closed Wiese walked out of the subway.

14:44 I mean how about this the subway we took today was actually the 6 train that was turned into a Express and it skipped all the stops that would have slowed us down and getting here exactly anything about that for a minute. Wait a minute got on at this place. We cruise down we got here with 5 minutes to spare. And here we are. So the theme that you know, I'm continuing to to remind myself is to practice on the small things, but to acknowledge that you know, not look back on the last day of the last week of the last month and only remember the negatives.

15:22 Because boy, are they there and anybody can find them.

15:27 But then to go back and go with him if there was that one day and then that one time and I bet I could do that again.

15:34 Many things came up for me as you shared and a few of the more prominent ones worst story performance been talkin about practice.

15:44 I shared with you the conversation that I have at the cab driver down here a couple days ago. You've got to put in the work.

15:54 Doing that knowing that though and trusting that when the work is there when the practice is there things are going to happen.

16:03 When the most powerful things that I think you can share with people that you do share with people the people walk away from your seminars walk away from your speaking engagements knowing after reading an article that you've written thinking this is possible.

16:18 So yeah, you got wonderful tips about how to use Outlook how to maximize workplace performance, but it's the belief that I can do that that carries over into you know, when I leave the office when I go home, you're something new there's a challenge. It's out there. I know that by practicing on the small things and so much of what I heard the other day when I came in into that seminar that you were presenting here are a few small things that create dramatic change.

16:51 So I think people are naturally making that connection to what happens outside the workplace. I practice on some small things. They result in dramatic change over time. It takes effort.

17:03 Got to be able to sit down and make the commitment and have the discipline and I found this great at your wonderful with who said this and who said what and who wrote this discipline remembering what you want.

17:16 I've never I've never been a long when you what's that joke a joke. What's that story who wrote that book? Not a strength of my remember remembering what you want?

17:29 Should be able to share things like that with people conversation. We had earlier today with the kids and it's my own kids and we both have had so many different experiences in the wisdom that comes from experience. You can't share that with people and I think what I share with you was the closest thing we can do to to sharing wisdom and experience of sharing a story that teaches

17:57 Had a wonderful Mentor come my way a couple years ago Polly who you set down in that so now 92.

18:04 So, I don't know when we when we met with him. He's probably 90.

18:08 Brilliant and what I got from Paul and when I continue to come back to from Paul is

18:17 It's the persistence in the passion and the excitement that you have from Life. The joy that there that moves you forward. It's the happiness that you find in the daily what you're doing but keeps you excited that keeps you or how do you explain that? Someone is 92 years old?

18:37 Still in perfect physical health sit down build 3 brand new computers.

18:45 Be able to go out and have a conversation and share stories. And that was the the storytelling. I'll ask him a question. I finally figured out that no it wasn't that he couldn't hear me. It was it that he was thinking of a story that he can share with me that was going to illustrate the point because he had already got it. I can't tell you what to do.

19:05 It's not going to happen. I can share a story with you. You can make the connections on your own so that for me whether it's in front of a group of parents in front of a group of folks out and in the corporate world for you standing up and having a great conversation with an executive with a group of managers and you sharing the story that provides a connection that piece for everybody that's there and then they leave they leave or something very practical and you give him the nuts and bolts. So I think they leave us so much more that they probably don't even realize and that's that connection. They've taken from what you've shared with them. I practice All the Small Things.

19:46 At least the great changes over time and that's something that I bet people don't even realize that they started to internalize.

19:54 But my guess is that if I were to go and watch 10 20 different people that come into the workplace, they don't have

20:02 These are the scales.

20:05 That's all they are is no connection between a and b.

20:08 And I think that's the the teacher in both you and I that is so natural. We have to make a personal connection for you something that makes sense for you so that you can walk away and be able to use that knowledge that new information in a practical way. So seeing you on stage watching you do what you do and it just reaffirms that for me.

20:33 This is it. Now. It's sharing the story making the connection and I share with you. I love what you say. What is it? Have you ever have a good thing that I've got to bring to the folks that I share stories with have you ever because you little you got to have you ever for just about everything and that makes that connection to those stocks. So one of the things that I know you and I talked about just in the past couple of days, but it's it's come up over time and I would love to get more from you is this idea of performance?

21:13 And taking it in whatever frame that you want to put it into but maybe something from you Jason on how old is that concept of performance. How do you see it playing out and in what you're doing professionally? How do you see it transpiring? How do you see it happening in in the lives of the people that you work with? Maybe in your personal life? I don't know. I think it's something we're just throw it out there.

21:39 See what shows up from me. It's a real. It's really interesting that you bring that up. As you were talking. I was listening for the words that you were using and it's amazing that you are speaking topics. What you write about what you're all about and you repeated these two words. I was a third one that we might get to but you repeated these two words over and over again. It was challenged and connections.

22:04 And I know that what I love about working with you is when we bring up or when we devised an idea, it doesn't seem like a challenge in the sense of what might some people might look at that and go home. And that's hard. Well, that would be difficult though. That might be too much for me.

22:23 And then the other one that you kept talking about in the last little segment you were using we're connecting connections quite a bit. And so as I take a kind of take it in on my own side, what do I mean by performance her? How does that impact me or what? Does that mean to me? You know, what are the things that I brought up the folks yesterday and I do this in my seminars is what most people see in the performance.

22:49 They don't see everything that got there.

22:53 And out in the real day-to-day world. I've experienced people set a goal or

23:00 Set some expectation or starting a path to something and they just either expect it to happen or I go to a course or at time management class or a full-on week-long productivity program and they get the binder in the enthusiasm they walk on fire and they get all excited but they sent these expectations that are not that they can't get there. But I like to come in and say what could you practice what we could you play with? I use that word a lot. What could you play with?

23:33 We want to be a better husband. You want to be a better. Dad. You want to be a better Community member you want to be a better boss. You want to have a better health record?

23:43 By the way, has anyone ever said anything like that?

23:47 All right. Everybody wants something more. I mean worried where to live in America everyone wants what they don't have as soon as they get what they wanted then they said some new goal. But what happens in my world is I just chip away. I like to Chip Away.

24:03 So whether it was changing my health over the past eight years coming down from 172 lb 228 pounds, whether it was figuring out a way to add another master's degree to my repertoire weather at was joining a consulting firm becoming the best on the staff of that consulting firm jumping out and starting my own company and within 18 months having a successful consultancy. Is this it? I don't know. It's almost one of those things where it doesn't matter because if tomorrow we shut this one down, all I need is a little bit more time and it wouldn't be starting from scratch to build something big it would be starting over and chipping away and doing little little things over and over again. Performance. I'm really glad we're doing this conversation today the day after we saw Mama Mia because I have that really fresh in my memory and you look at these these actors hoofer 9000 20 minutes.

24:59 We'll get on stage and just think they would they would raps. There was a Rapture my attention and I remember there are a couple of scenes when they were maybe 15-20 actors on the stage doing a dance to in the song all over the place. I could still pick out the ones who I thought I felt we're on top of the game now. It's not that the other fourteen weren't as good. I mean, who knows maybe someone at the flu? Maybe someone broke up with her boyfriend that day? We just don't know but to be able to look out and be able to see and see and say and say person on

25:32 And I think that's what that's a huge reference point in. My life is noticing through the day when I see people on could be a waiter in a restaurant could be a flight attendant on an airplane. It could be somebody's walking down the street now on the other side. It's really easy to walk down the street and notice of people are off. It seems to be off myself. Have you ever yelled at someone and then later regretted it?

25:58 And I was going to say yeah me too. And then I I reverse engineer that well, where did that expression come from? And in my experience that expression came from there was some unfinished business. There was something that was not done. There was something still on my mind that hadn't been resolved.

26:16 And so that's another thing that I like to practice, you know, if I look back on my life what I've had to do with resolve.

26:24 That's interesting word in that resolve after I saw that again. I'm resolving an issue. I circumstance a problem so I can move forward into the future and smiling as I say this. So when I when I read listen to this 50 years from now remember this maybe some of my stress would be eliminated if I could resolve and move on from what happened.

26:47 And it's amazing. It's what I teach, you know, no performer. I don't believe a performer could be on stage and be 99% present.

26:56 Can't have to be 100% They're good 99% if they're 99% present, what's that 1% When is that going to come in?

27:05 And if at 1% comes in and distract some it pulls on them. Let me just save the night if the 1% comes in and distract me or pulls on me. I'll be out.

27:14 By the way, I felt in front of audiences. I can feel when I come in and out and just because I'm at my hundred percent doesn't mean I'm going to be there for the next 1440 minutes of a day.

27:26 Here's a key that I like to play with when I work with my clients and my friends and myself when you're off.

27:34 How quickly can you get back on?

27:38 When I'm off how quickly can I get back on?

27:41 Think it's recognizing as you said when you are off.

27:45 I don't know how many people recognize that they're off and that's that. It's anything different from

27:54 And being in a non-state, this is the way I am supposed to be. This is the way I'm into spending this way. I'm hoping it I don't know that any of that that mental talk enters into a lot of folks not it's just I'm reacting to I don't have any control over how I'm feeling right now. It's a it's a reaction to whatever is happening. Whatever is coming my way for me. It comes back to the challenge and the confidence.

28:22 It's your ability to as you said be able to look at something that you want to achieve.

28:29 Have it be something that's going to challenge you at 11 that that's appropriate for you. That's not going to overwhelm you and you and I have talked a lot about the difference between being challenged to being overwhelmed. Here's something that I want to go for.

28:43 He's like a triathlon and there's a new personal best that I want to go for and that's based on what you've done in the past and what you believe is achievable given your ability to continue to practice and continue to improve and that that is with effort achievable.

29:01 But what is it that keeps folks from?

29:05 Being able to create something that is achievable challenging and not overwhelming and you said it so many of us are out there in the overwhelming. We set a goal that is so difficult to achieve that.

29:19 Why bother why bother getting started because I never get there. Anyway had a conversation with a 10 year old couple years back there really struck me because a lot of what I was doing was whole achievement to the personal the soccer staff right route in the field working on Golden. This is how you want to get to where you'd like to be. Here's a new skill that when I work on here that action steps of things that you need to do in order to be able to get to that place and I asked her Jenna.

29:53 What is it about achieving goals if it seems like you're getting overwhelmed?

29:59 Like it's hard for you to get to where you want to be.

30:03 And what she said was I'm afraid that when I get there that I'll have to try and Achieve something after that that's going to be on chief of police for me.

30:16 So it wasn't that she wasn't going to be able to achieve the goal that we had talked about but it was when I get there. I know there's going to be something else and something else and something else is never going to end for me and natural became overwhelming never heard that before from anyone.

30:35 She had already developed a sense of I know this is going to never end for me at 10.

30:44 Amazing one of the other things that showed up for me. Is that relationship again between Challenge and confidence when we find something that is challenging at 11 will that is going to allow us to grow and we meet that goal, That's gross.

31:01 Right

31:03 Sammy thinking a lot about confidence and how does that happen to how do people lose that out of the gainit? What's the difference between somebody that you look at and say incredible sense of self-esteem confidence? What is it about that person a different in their life than this one. How did that happen and for me it was when you achieve.

31:23 In a challenging environment

31:26 Authentic experience

31:29 You see yourself doing that you grow in confidence. It's the personal is the belief I can achieve because I have in real situations and people have acknowledged that not something I think knowledgement piece of it is something we could spend a whole 45 minutes or an hour or longer talking about that. But I think it's that continuing cycle of I'm going to challenge myself. I'm going to continue to achieve I'm going to cheat on my growing confidence and that's going to continue to propel me forward and that's for you and I it's the belief that things are going to continue to happen for us because we've achieved in situations that have been challenging but that have allowed us to grow and experience in NC success.

32:13 One of the things that stands out about that for me is my enjoyment truly of spending time with you. And now I'm realizing how much of it I don't even know about you, but I'm going to connect a couple things. Are you are willing to take the risk to say what's on your mind and acknowledge someone for doing something.

32:35 And you go with me all the time, but it's it's a risk I get that actually let someone know you appreciate them. You look up to them. You honor them. You respect them. You're thankful of them for them you're grateful and that that honest approach of here's what I'm thinking. I'm going to say it it may or may not build them up and and I understand cuz I know enough about this psychologically to know.

33:06 My thought is you don't acknowledge people hoping that you impact them as much as you acknowledge people because it's your nature. That's who and how you are.

33:19 Because you and I both have acknowledged people who could not take the acknowledgement. They couldn't accept it. They couldn't let it in and our challenge is to have an experience where we acknowledge someone and they either dismiss it or they don't accept it or they say something, you know, one of the things that I don't understand is that dark humor that some people have we're all I'll acknowledge them for doing something and I'll come back with some smart remark and in my mind I can't you just let it in and so when I look to you and spend time with you and observe you it's a risk of going with what's true and honest and inside of you and then actually expressing that in a way that for me it does make me feel good and specifically I'm thinking about the story. You told me today about Tristan who got an acknowledgement that look like he was running a little bit faster on the soccer field and you further acknowledge that with your own experience of him.

34:19 And then days later, he came back in and reminded you of how good it felt to get acknowledged by you and that's what I mean by this reference points. And that's what I mean. When I say to build your team and have the people around you that not just care about me. Not just love me. Not just I don't want people just to be around because they're supposed to

34:42 But I need the people around me were going to see what I do and take a risk of going with what's honest and true and actually acknowledging. Hey Jason, here's what I see in you, you know, my definition of a mentor is simply someone who sees in me what I can't see yet.

34:58 While across the table at you, I think there's some things that you see in me that I'm not able to see yet. It brings it back to our dinner two nights ago a gobo the vegetarian place up on 86th Street where you lean across the table and said look at Jason but let's cut it help me. Let me know what you see because by default our experiences that got us here gave us a different lens gave us different glasses. And when I look at it the world when I look down the street of you know, when I look down Broadway toward Times Square, I don't just see the flashing lights. I don't just see the cars of the people walking by but I have these literal memories over the past seven years working in New York City.

35:44 And looking down there and how many the reference point of success reference point of success. I think it is anything that I want to remind myself when I listen to this years and years and years over and over and over again. It's to remember until acknowledging to let in that it's okay that we can do it again that it was good. Once it's good now, it'll be good again and to let that process go.

36:15 And again if you and I I think we do so wonderfully together because we can hear something we can make a personal connection. We can share something of value that deals to convert. That's why sitting down with you today is so easy to do when we talked about. He should really think about what we're going to say today. Should we just let it happen should we choose a theme was like, okay, we've always wanted to do this. We know it's going to work. Let's sit down with our conversation. We know what the we know what the important things are and the conversation. That's what it's all been about all the things that I've been important to us. All the things that are important to the people that we talked with.

36:53 To the parents that I talked with the conversation we had yesterday which was

36:59 How difficult it can be to stand up and share ideas with folks that are not in line with what you're living.

37:10 So what you just shared about the acknowledgement?

37:13 I have to be able to allow that in my own life before I can stand up and say to someone as a parent.

37:22 Cure something that is really important to your child's growth in their confidence. Sick knowledgement. It's not simply the pat-on-the-back. It's not simply saying I owe Johnny did a great job. You did a great job. You did a great job and not meaning it. It's really we're looking for something that is powerful.

37:40 That you want to say. Hey, you did a wonderful job or thank you very much that recognition being able to share that with somebody so powerful.

37:53 Allowing them to bring that into their own life, but doesn't have that meaning unless you and I are able to say hey, look at what we've been doing and being able to accept someone else's acknowledgement of what we do.

38:09 So couldn't be happier about being here with you in the city talking about things that you and I are so passionate about another great topic for another conversation the passion.

38:23 But as I think about where we've come where we're going to it seems like we are headed in such a positive direction.

38:34 And what a chance to put another.

38:37 Another Post-it note and then are many many conversations and I can remember on the weather on the telephone or over the video conferencing that we've done how many times we've been able to sit down and just share for a little bit in on this is a 40-minute conversation time flew just as we were coached it would and taking a look at the last 40 minutes. And this is a thing that I like to remind myself of they went exactly how they should have went.

39:08 They just float and what an opportunity to step into the acceptance of kind of what is and I think that's one of the things that I like to look at is this combination of creating opportunity going for the next thing believing anything's possible knowing I have the skill set the reference points and their history to step into the next tomorrow. So Jo, I'm delighted you're here. What a what a trip it's been and we still have another adventure to get to so looking forward to it. Thanks, man. Thank you.