Stacey Rees and Erik Huber

Recorded February 13, 2009 Archived February 13, 2009 00:00 minutes
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Stacey Rees (42) is interviewed by her partner Erik Huber (47). They discuss Stacey’s life and that of their child Huckleberry.

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- Huckleberry’s birth. Took place in the living room. Holding on to the towel rack. “Be as big as the sensation is”. She only got scare when he was coming out.
- Feeling about home birth. Comfortable and confident.
- Stacey’s desires for huckleberry. No pressure to be anyone but himself. If he becomes a banker... Wants to raise him not to be consumer-centered. Being a hippy-kid. Definition of the name: To follow his heart.
- Always thought she would be a teacher. Became a midwife and everything made more sense.
- Story of Stacey’s first day in NY. Loved to watch people smoke.


  • Stacey Rees
  • Erik Huber

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