Guillermo Klein and Marisa Karplus

Recorded October 16, 2009 Archived October 16, 2009 40:41 minutes
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Walter Klein (73) was interviewed by Marisa karplus (31) to talk about her father Esteban, who pass away and used to have a very close relationship with Walter

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(W) met Marisa’s father in 1947 in High School
(W) talk about how Esteban looked, he was a very sporty person, he was extremely intelligent and outstanding in Mat
(W) talks about the interest of Esteban, like the International Politics
(W) talks about the favorite topics they shared when they go out
(W) talks about spending time with Esteban going to the movies for example and and going to watch the Phylarmonic nere in NY
(W) explains how close they were with the coming of the years


  • Guillermo Klein
  • Marisa Karplus

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StoryCorps Lower Manhattan Booth