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Ouida Foster(OF), 34, interviews her father Frank Arnall(FA), 67. They discuss Frank’s time in West Point, military service in Vietnam and relationship with his wife Susan.

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After graduating from high school, FA”s father tells him he has to get himself through college.
How FA ended up attending West Point.
A speech John F. Kennedy gave that changed FA’s life.
FA’s trick for sitting next to his girlfriend in West Point’s church and getting busted by an upperclassman,
The physical challenges of attending West Point.
FA’s favorite perk of attending West Point.
FA’s graduation ring.
FA reports for live combat duty 60 days after graduation.
FA goes to Vietnam two months after finishing Ranger school.
FA’s first assignment in Vietnam.
How FA met his wife and some of their mail correspondence.
How FA and Susan went from exchanging letters to getting married.


  • Frank Arnall
  • Ouida Foster

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00:03 We don't Arnold Foster 34 today, September 18th, 2010 or New York and talking to my dad.

00:19 I'm Frank Arnold. I'm 67. Today is September 18th.

00:26 And where in New York City and I'm talking to my daughter WETA my youngest their daughter.

00:33 So that I've been wanting to get in to talk to you for a long time for me and for the rest of the family. So you've had a long and interesting life and we've had some fun family members along the way some still with us. I'm not anymore. So it's a hard thing to focus. And so what I want to focus in as on 1960 and 1970s, I was pretty crazy time for you and you went from being a teenager to being a bachelor officer in the US Army to marrying my mother.

01:10 I'm going to try and keep it together during this. Okay, so we're going to start with take me back to when I remember when I was a senior in high school. So you told me a funny story when you were so 1960 was the fall of your senior year and BTW your dad. We call him big daddy came to you and said how you going to get into college. What are you going to do?

01:31 He said that I got you through high school. It's up to you to get yourself through college and it at that time. It wasn't easy and Jacksonville Florida for we left because none of our high schools were accredited. So I was never an accredited high school graduate. And of course it was because of the racial Strife that we were not accredited and that they kept spending the school construction budget for New Black schools in as soon as they were built to be separate but equal or even Superior they burn them down.

02:10 So my school was in very poor shape and couldn't pass accreditation standards so I can either go to a Florida school or one of the service academies cuz you did not have to be an accredited high school graduate service Academy.

02:27 Okay, so then which service Academy and why?

02:33 Well, we went to a little church in Mandarin, Florida. And the there were two churches in Mandarin one was Catholic and one was the Episcopal church and Episcopal Church was really kind of the all other and so our church bulletin was maybe fifteen Pages thicky all their only about 75 members because it was also the community newspaper and I read on the church. Bulletin one Sunday that congressman Charles Bennett.

03:05 I was going to be at the Mandarin General Store on Wednesday and the Mandarin General Store was indeed the General Store. It was the gas station the post office and all other when it was the only place on the dirt road that ran through the center of Mandarin and so I skip school went out and introduce myself up to Congress and Bennett told him I wanted to talk to you about my future and that I was skipping school to do it and he let it we sat there on the rocking chairs on the front porch of the General Store and we just talked all day long and different people come talk to him about Congressional business and then they would leave me and I would just chat and then at the end of the day he said well, I would like to give you an appointment but I have a competitive exam that you have to take the civil service exam.

04:04 And then we'll see how you do. So and I had a great deal of confidence. I was the State president of the National Honor Society and I had done well in a and adverse circumstances but never the last I took the exam.

04:23 And he call me up and he said I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that you got third on the exam.

04:32 The bad news is that both the people that beat you is that you put down Navy only cuz obviously Jacksonville Florida been a Navy town was that's where I wanted to go and they said the two boys that beat you are both sons of career naval officers. They both were qualified alternates to the Naval Academy the year before and the principal got in so they did not get to go. They both did very well at the University of Florida. They reapplied so they're automatically in if I give them an appointment.

05:09 And so you could be an alternate but it wouldn't do any good. So would you consider Air Force or West Point and I said well, I wear glasses so I would think I might like to go to West Point. So the next day I went to school everybody should have you seen the paper? This is Arnold appointed to West Point.

05:32 So glad you're doing what you're the first one in our in our class to get accepted to not a state school. That's how it ended up making a decision Army Beat Navy again. All right. Well your plebe year was 61 to 62 and it starts off with Beast barracks and we could probably spend all this time talking about beast and its intricacies, but when is things that comes out of that usually is your class motto? And so just for tie it back to your class ring. What is your motto? And how did your class come up with it a committee that picked it and it normally we were the class of 1965. I endured in July of 1961 c65. We were strengthened Drive 65 and we're still SMD.

06:32 Well, I remember you told me once about June week of your plea beers of June week is graduation. And usually the president comes to give the graduation speech and that year in June of 1962 is President Kennedy. And you said it was a rainy day. So the speech was inside the field house and remember what else he said and that's Pete's Grill. It was to me it was going to change my life and that President Kennedy said everyone in this room in uniform whether it's a gray uniform or a green army officer's uniform will serve in Southeast Asia within the coming decade and this was June of 62 and we were at peace and we did not have troops officially committed till 1965, so

07:32 Gave me an opportunity. I took it as a heads up and took all my military electives in jungle warfare and counterinsurgency that type of thing and then talking about Kennedy again your yearling year, October 22nd. He's giving his Cuban Missile Crisis speech to the nation. Where were you when you heard this what we were one of the first schools to have a broadcast projected TV. So we all went into the South Auditorium or one regiment with the South Auditorium Auditorium Auditorium, and they projected Kennedy speech to the Nation TV about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

08:16 And when we came out of the hallway at this a real come out single file and when we came out the single file, all the doctors and nurses were lined up down the hallway and they gave us yellow fever shots, shots every kind of typhus everything you can think of so that we were combat ready for deployment. Hey, I'm just a sophomore but it was real. There's a lot of things are going on when you're not hearing speeches from the president so long the Traditions one of the Traditions you've told me about when we've gone up to the campus and seen it as it's called Walking the area and it's known as a punishment tour of everyone calls it walking the area. So I give me a reason why you probably had to walk the area of waves assumed you have and how many

09:16 The first time I had to do it was as a plebe everybody march to Chapel every Sunday and you can march to either one of three. I mean you could March to the Catholic Chapel or the Jewish Chapel, even though it was Sunday or or the Protestant Chapel, but if you weren't Catholic or Jewish you automatically Protestant and if you were a plebe, we're not allowed to sit with a hug a drag a date that you couldn't drag to the Chapel to be by yourself, but I had figured out mathematically where I had to line up so that what Ro I would end up on

10:11 And Bates next to the last seat, and then we didn't have to go all the way to the end because there was a column and so that I had arranged for my girlfriend from Saint Augustine to come up to see me to be have the last seat behind the column so that when we came marching it just miraculously I ended up right next to her.

10:34 All right and upperclassmen didn't think that was very funny and he said he broke the rules you were you had a date for Chapel night. How many hours did he give you 8 + 8 8 hours eight demerits 8 hours of marching back and forth with the rifle and

10:57 I mean that was an honorable thing mean Robert E Lee it done it and all the way my car through your name on there at all. It now but they said the course they said once you get on the areas of plebe, you'll never get off because the inspections before they let you start marching is so severe. They look for the minutest a little piece of dust that you would get so many demerits. If you could you would you would never be able to get off the area but got on but I did like what date

11:24 Ever the whole time as ugly as a plebe. I think that's all I ever did was just I don't remember doing any others. I mean, well, okay, so we got some good stuff to get to Soaring to round out. So Cal year think is maybe good time to talk about physical things and we were just the other day talking about how you had to jump from the rafters into the pool. She can say why we were talking about that and wondering if that had to do with the indoor obstacle course test. So yeah, what are the kinds of things they would run you through as a Cadet and why you had to practice jumping off Rogers into the pool plebe swimming test and that was done to practice at as as if in World War II a troop ship had gotten torpedoed.

12:24 And you had to jump off for that side of it. So they jumped we had to jump off of the rafters in our come back here and and then tread water and I'm sorry that way there's a special way we had to jump in order not to get hurt. And that was what that was a price for that now and later years. There is an obstacle course that every year and frisk last year you had to run and you had to a minimum time that you had to pass in order to not to go to remedial PE. Okay, and it was it was quite complicated everything from rope climbing to pull ups or going across a horizontal ladder and running laps around the track.

13:16 Will they okay too, but you passed you to have to go to a meeting o p i was not the highest.

13:28 What's the two big things happened your first year while I'm sure lots of big things happened to your first year will I will skip ahead through some of the perks probably living. So close to New York City said that restaurants would give you special deals in New York and you to come and meet. I think you said once that Mama Leone's was a place you'd like to go to with States because what will Mama Leone's was was perhaps the most popular restaurant in New York city was it just a huge lines outside, but we would show up in a percent Cadet ID and we were always assured right and we were the next people seated they they had a very special place for us.

14:13 That was fun. The other big thing that happened in my Junior and Senior year was the World's Fair in 1964 and 1965 was here in New York out of Flushing Meadows. And so we went out there and we just would usually fit in with somebody like, for example, I knew I knew some of the people from my high school work where there with the Florida Pavilion and but the most fun place was the Texas Pavilion and they say it's hired people that have come from Six Flags Over, Texas, cuz that was the first of the theme park type things and they had their own apartment building in that was just like Party Central

15:01 Alright, Google will leave it at that. It would have they had other two other big things happen your senior year one first year one or two after June week. I want you to talk about your class ring and getting your your class ring on ring weekend just to talk about the significance of the ring and how you carried it through your the whole rest of your life wearing it. Now, of course getting that being a ring knocker is the big thing about being an academy and we got it.

15:41 I just I just remember we had a ring dance and I invited a girl to come up from Florida and it was just a really special occasion to finally be an upperclassman with the ring and the Via first class that have my actual graduation days on it. That's what I remember about that and it was special.

16:12 They have any any stories later in life about having the ring and when I couldn't get the attention of any of you three children have a long u in the heck. Okay, send a steering knuckle for you while there's one other thing that happened over Travelers Travelers checks didn't have a charge cards and universally accepted or insert. I not worldwide and I happen to be in Madrid Spain and I had to run out of money.

17:02 Okay, and so I went to the hotel and I said I need to I need some money. I'll write you a check for more than the hotel bill and you can give me some money and they said but we don't cash checks. You have to have a letter of credit from your bank. That is good. And I said well, I'm sorry. I don't have that. But how do we know your checks good, and I said you see this ring and I took off my ring and I handed it to him and I said that says Frank and more of the third United States Army. So you're a West pointer and said yes.

17:45 Going well. Well one other thing that happened in 65 in April of 1965 the Dominican Republic fell out into Civil War end so that led to your ultimately to your first combat tour. So before then you had to go into your special you decide to go to be a ranger when you got deployed. So I what's the time in there? Like how many literal days when in between Cuban inspired invasion of our Embassy in the Dominican Republic occurred, but the Marines that were there fought back and the 82nd Airborne deployed down to the Dominican Republic. I graduated in June of 65 and I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne.

18:42 And I had 60 days of leave and when it was when my 60 days of leave was I reported for Duty in to the Dominican Republic cuz that's where my unit was. Okay. So I was technically I was in the real fighting was really over by that time, but I was my first assignment was actually into a live combat something and then see where is your ranger training after coming back from the Dominican Republic. I got to go to Airborne school and Ranger school as a combat veteran instead of instead of having that before going to come back.

19:24 All right. Well, I got having battle experience when you're in school cost us a lot of problems because our the ncos but the sergeant that were in charge had they were Korean War veterans. Okay, but or had joined the army since the Korean War many of them to join the Army since the grand work so they have never been to combat and here they were training us and we all had our combat patches.

19:54 Okay, outside cost a little bit of friction.

19:59 Things that arose from that like what what exactly happened in the the fact that what the what the sergeant would try to do it would be real tough with us and you got to do this you got to do that. And and and of course we were whole class of West pointers together. So sometimes they would try to run us into the ground and and we were in good shape or we can just keep it going and run them into the ground. We talking about having combat experience and not you turned right around and got deployed again. So how much time between

20:45 Ranger school till you got sent to your first tour in Vietnam in December.

20:57 And then I

21:03 I'm 65 then I trained with 82nd Airborne the part that was back and we were we were the only my Brigade was back.

21:19 From from the Dominican Republic so that we had to go to

21:25 Every time there's a little bit of an emergency anywhere in the world. Then we we were we were we were the once for example there was a revolution in Ecuador.

21:38 And nobody ever thinks about it cuz nothing happened, but we were loaded on our airplanes and we went down and we flew in circles around the Caribbean just in case Americans were threatened or American interests were threatened and we would parachute in but I bet it never happened. Nothing happened. So we came back again and but that was so that was not combat. I bet it was combat ready for that was the kind of thing that we did and then in February of 66

22:15 I called the Pentagon.

22:19 And

22:21 Because I wanted to make some plans cuz I've been asked to be the best man at my high school Best Friend's Wedding. I don't know what I find out. So I call the kind of guy and they said they had gotten so many calls that they said anybody calls in this week put it on orders. So they said yes you're going and it ended up I got over there the 10th. I got the Vietnam the 10th of August of 66. You got some interesting stories about Vietnam and it starts right off when you got there. So tell me about the first day you got there and how you got out to Battle Creek to go to the first air Cavalry division, which was mix. Experimental division.

23:12 And they were afraid of those of us who were picked being siphoned off by other units, so they had us fly directly from weekly to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. We waited until first so that when we landed it would be first light we flew directly into pleiku air feel so that we didn't go through Saigon where anybody else could grab us and then meaning from the Army from other units that we would go directly to the first cat cuz we all have specific assignments to the first Cav. And the first thing that happened was I was with my Ranger buddy was failing and

24:02 The first thing that happened was the Personnel officer the first cap came out and he said we had a big fight and we've lost a lot of people out of the 7th Cavalry and we would like anybody would like to we would like to if you would like to quit we need you in the 7th Cavalry right now. If you'd like to change your orders, I'll do it right here on the spot and Ernie was already assigned to the 7th Cavalry and I was assigned to the 5th and 7th Cavalry was General Custer's outfit.

24:36 I think I'll keep cussing I'll keep my sandwich of the fifth.

24:43 So then I went out to my unit. The helicopter came by in a little while and just a few more minutes. I was sitting there on my rucksack and in the rain on the side of the Airfield and all the ones always airplane started coming in and the tailgate drops down on one and a marching band comes off and their flags and there's the 4th and it is turned out as the 4th Division 4th Infantry Division is coming in and and so General Piers comes in and he's with my ol West Point roommate Mike and Mike said I said I said, we're just arriving. We just blowing from Seattle from Fort Lewis Washington and it says I'm looking for a for veterans cuz we're all

25:43 How about coming over and I'll give you an important position in the 4th division?

25:54 I'm going to stay in the first game at goodbyes and said that I went out to my unit and a helicopter came in to take me out to the unit and I was only the third time I've never been in a helicopter and I'm in the air and air Mobile in your Cavalry units all helicopters. And but this is only the third time I've ever seen one of my life and it's so we're going out there and we and as we start flying in low over the hill. I see a couple burning helicopters on the side of the hill and I'm waiting to land and although it's just a big boot in my back and I just went Splat right in the mud and I got up and went over and saluted to the commander and Lieutenant Colonel reports for Duty as ordered and he said

26:54 Well aren't only said we're expecting you but it says okay good news and bad news. Is that the good news or the bad news is we had ordered you for lieutenant Adams and cuz we thought he was evacuated to Japan, but actually he returned for duty this morning. So we Have No Vacancy, but the good news is we've got a great fight going on and he'll be a position opening up for you any minute.

27:19 You should just sit here by the radios and you'll know where you're going before I do.

27:23 And so I was sitting there by the radios and the company was in trouble and the company Commander got killed at one by one officers are getting killed and to ultimately the Battalion Personnel officer came by and he said you're going to be company, but we're out of helicopters. So but if we can find a helicopter, your instructions are to get to the company and I said, but I don't even have a rifle. I don't have any I don't have any equipment.

27:53 And they said well go behind the a tent and when they're operating on people that they throw all the equipment out the back and and you ought to be able to piece something together from there. So that's what I did and what back and I dug into the bloody gir and got a rifle got to got to got my got some of some gear and then waited for some transportation out to the Battle Zone. In the meantime, one of the funniest things that happened was all at once on the perimeter Us North Vietnamese Sergeant came in and and surrendered

28:29 And they said where you get somebody's got it. We can't flying back to Brigade. Somebody's got to take him back to Brigade and they said well, we've got this look and it has nothing to do with us. Let him take him back to Brigade. So so they gave me the North Vietnamese sergeant and and they gave me a map to where the Brigade headquarters Wiseau sergeant and I started off walking down this jungle Trail and and I said, I better check this rifling and get it loaded. So I went to to load it and the person that owned it before that and it's been in the monsoon. It was it was rusted shot and I couldn't load the weapon. Finally. I put it down and I'm just stomping on the operating Rod trying to open it up and get it loaded and I couldn't do it and I looked up in this North Vietnamese are just kind of standing there with his hands on his hips and I looked up and I just gave him a shrug and a smile.

29:29 All right back there and we started walking off together and I think I hope he doesn't yell out like a voice. I got a live one here.

29:39 But whatever it was just like I said, we're supposed to be the best army in the world. And this is what it's like what an amazing experience but I got back to my unit. So how did you finally get out to your guys? Well, what happened was ultimately a helicopter came in and they said that's not one of ours that's not a first-calf helicopter, but it landed and we suppress helicopter combat people can't get it with fresh cut. So this man comes running and jumped off. The helicopter came running into the Operation Center and he said where's the fight and I just grabbed my gear and I jumped on the on the helicopter in the pilot turned around and said, are you the god and I said, yes, I'm the guide.

30:28 And so the other the other members of the press that way we got someone so from you. It is in the hill just have to report from there. We only carry 10 so we took off and that's how that's how I got the battle was unimpressed helicopter in Forever. You can get well you have amazing stories from amazing that adventures and earned the medal for your battle. So this is where I wanted to spend a lot of the meat but there's a special love story to fit in also, so you really know the best the best way to get into this weekend.

31:19 You

31:22 There was tell me about how you got set up with your platoon. You you were telling me earlier about how you know, of course everyone would send you their very best and brightest just a little bit of time. That's obviously the love of my life. I really I really do early in the year your your grandmother would my mother said I've got this senior. I want you to right now this time I M 2.52 years out of West Point. So naturally I assumed college senior.

32:08 And so she kept saying you got to write this girl. You've got to write this girl and I never did until finally the time came where I was going to meet my parents in Hawaii. And so I thought I better write for dead. So I wrote just this letter yet. Essentially. Hold on have a copy of the letter and I'd like you to read it. But you first have to say how it is that you earned a trip to Hawaii and why we pulled off the trip to Hawaii was that way. I had it I had a successful ambush of the of the enemy and the the captain was so thrilled that he said what it what would you like to have a SilverStar? What in what can I do for you? So this is the greatest thing that's ever happened in our company and I supplied like a trip to Hawaii and he said well you

33:08 Bachelor and bachelorette don't go to why only married officers go to Hawaii. And I said, well you promised me you'd give me whatever I wanted and that's how I got to go to Hawaii.

33:18 So there you go. So ultimately and Ambush worthy of SilverStar led to some other romantic things to hear you go. There's a very first letter that you wrote mom. What was her name?

33:32 Let's Sister season. This is some March 7th 1967.

33:42 Dear Susan a few days ago. I received in a regular weekly letter from home a picture of a beautiful girl.

33:50 Her address and a brief account of the meeting of parents who like each other and who decided to their children should become acquainted.

34:00 Well, I don't know about you but this child after serving over seven lonely months in Vietnam is not the least bit hesitant to follow Parental Guidance in this matter.

34:12 Reason the reason that I'm writing you is that I am all clean. I mean it clean clothes shower cold freshly shaved this automatically lifted my spirits as you know, that cleanliness is not a normal condition for front-line troops in Vietnam.

34:32 Besides that today is like Christmas Eve for tomorrow. I leave to meet my parents in Hawaii for a week.

34:42 That's the reason that I'm running today for a postponed until now as I knew this I knew I'd be this excited and when I'm excited and enthused about something it is so much.

34:56 God bless your heart better if I can share it and really brag about it with someone nobody but a Floridian can understand how much skiing sailing and just being near the ocean can mean to a Florida boy.

35:11 And maybe you share my longtime curiosity about the islands. I'm always excited over the prospect of new experiences.

35:20 That is another reason why I'll be looking forward to hearing from you finding out new things like where and when you were in school in Jacksonville what you're studying at Florida State and any old thing you might want to say will be interesting to me. You understand if you like to receive letters even half as much as I do. I'll probably write soon after I returned as I'll have to tell someone about my trip and it's bad for morale to tell my men your faithful Federal servant and Vietnam and Hawaii Frank.

35:58 Well in the letter after that dated March 20th, and you wrote to your parents and explained to her what you said you could have gotten the Silver Star and you also said you were awarded the Bronze Star for having such a fine platoon. The general was overheard in his helicopter during the flight and said 3rd platoon look like they were doing a well-rehearsed training film as they went into the attack. Their fire was so accurate message volume that they were able to maneuver without any losses at all. So obviously they no longer need me so off to the real rear Echelon for me, no answer from Susan hatch yet and is still a little soon though.

36:34 So you went off to the rear echelons you enough to be an aide to General Boatwright and you could write more letters. So here's your 21st letter from now for the record already by letter eight. It was the first time you said that you loved her.

36:50 But July 2nd 2012.

36:54 Dear Susan precious to the first part is you sent out copies of the letters for your 40th anniversary the first I'd like you to write the cover letter sending it again 40 years to the other letter and we did Gene and radical rotors and prices from the perspective of 40 years later. It's amazing that the more things change the more they remain the same. I still like the chocolate ice cream and I can remember birthdays, but I forget the birth year that is actually being celebrated. I am still absolutely delighted that you're not like me and this travelogue type letter. I tell wonderful results of a surge 11 months later. It's just like what is happening in a row?

37:54 Right now except that our Congress wants the results in 3 weeks the things that I have been glad to see as I have reread. These letters is that I have always been aware of the hand of God in my life and in our relationship.

38:11 The best that I can hope for all of our children and grandchildren is that H1 can somehow come to a similar awareness of the reality of God Here and Now

38:23 We have always enjoyed that the highs and the door to the Lowe's at least 40 years praise the Lord. I love you your friend. So this one is dated July 12th. 1967 Susan. Hope you had a happy birthday and lots of chocolate ice cream and cake and maybe a couple of presents. If you're like me than actual birthdays would gun would go unnoticed except that mom always generate some excitement and I just don't think of the subject but then as I've discussed before thank God, you're not like me wait. We are on our way to find out now. We're on our way now to find the add to inspect and critique the general to me future plans for the 2nd battalion 7th Cavalry band theaters Define town a little larger than a train and far wealthier previously. I have seen that two of the talent.

39:20 The saw three of the town of stray movie for American El Cid El Cid and Sandra Dee and a in a beach bikini epic is the capital of Venta en Venta en Provence and it was the first province that the French lost. It was the first in this War II, but now there are no VC in the city and only a few week Wednesday in the province all the roads and railroads are used regularly in the profits are soaring is the VC no longer get the rice we eat nothing but plan to get rice at our house. It's known as the best.

40:00 The war is over as far as these people are concerned. We sent in The Americans on August 25th 1966 and now they are free and not communist dominated about one quarter of a million people switch sides in this province.

40:16 Earlier this week. We went to 2in. Province the capitalist a lot of French mountain resort. That is still European. Even though most of the French are gone there. Nice. How is this even American ranch style houses with picture windows people drive Hondas or cars as their income is twice as much as the rest of the country there. No VC here. There's a lady mayor who runs a straight town in the mountains to it is too cold for Jungle. So there Pine Forest.

40:50 That was a French style houses makes it look like northern France or Luxembourg. I enjoy the little Paddle Wheel boats that you power with bicycle like drive system. They're all painted different colors in the couple skim around on the lake.

41:08 One of these days Vietnam it's going to be a very worthwhile country.

41:12 You have seen by now the reports of a relatively large American losses on the Cambodian border wear in the summer replacement cycle in the lack of experience leadership is hurting and a jungle fight in the first spot the first 5 minutes of critical the fight is won or lost in those few minutes and experience can mean in decision. Then it's too late and example and one company 3 platoon leaders for killed. They were all West Point class of 1966 and it all been here less than a week looking back. I can make up four times in my first week when I should have been killed and I realized my mistakes later and I did make it again. I've got a second chance and each instance and many don't General Boatwright is not going to be Commanding General at Fort Riley, Kansas.

41:59 And here I Kansas City here I come I expect to be there until October 68 when I'll go to Fort Benning Georgia Fort Riley is a great assignment militarily for me. But socially I'm so damn Prejudice for the southern brand of femininity that it will be another hardship to her. We're trying to leave sooner than the 20th of September. We had a good visit and send Phan thiet and I and I missed her knee West Valley Metal Ranger buddy. We were close at West Point and in the same Battalion at Fort Bragg, we've been successful over there, but the nut is extending for 6 months to be an advisor with the Arvin Airborne. I admire him, but I'm ready to go home.

42:46 I am not going to wish you happy birthday because I don't want any limitations on it. So I just will wish you happy much love Frank. Hey, it's so I told you wrote a 27th letter on August. That's all the letters. I see Mom has a bracelet dated September 22nd that you got for her and Hong Kong on the way back until 4 September 22nd to this day and showing dad a picture of Dad and Mom on their wedding day December 28th, things moved pretty swiftly. So you just invite that and we'll have to end our time here. So how did you go from 27 letters to your mother was a member is like dear diary 3 weeks apart that we've been writing.

43:41 I wait three weeks going and coming back so I know emails so

43:48 The first time I saw her she ran across the room and jumped in my arms. Give me a big kiss. We double-dated with their parents for three nights and the first date we went we had alone we got engaged.

44:02 And 3 months later. We were married on the 20th of December.

44:07 And you take her with you to the Fort Riley Kansas to General Custer's house and looked at Polly Ever After.

44:16 Oh, thank you for doing this precious. This isn't fun. We love you and we love all of our family live long.