Trish Luksich and Katie Chun

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Trish Luksich is interviewed by her friend Katie Chun about their friendship.

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TL and KC remember how they first met.
TL remembers injuring her knee playing soccer.
TL recalls meeting her boyfriend Atticus.
KC recalls an incident in high school that she regrets.
TL recalls her favorite memories of KC.


  • Trish Luksich
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00:04 Hi, my name is Katie Chen. I am 21 years old and today is August 7th, 2011 and I am near in New York City interviewing my best friend Patricia. Luxedge. Hi, I'm Trish. I'm 18th, but that doesn't differ from our relationship because I'm younger than her it still works out today is still 11th or the 7th 7th of August 2011. Where in New York City and I'm here with my best friend and my love Katie Chung Patricia. Can you tell us I guess how we first met already told you I honestly don't remember how he first met it sound so gay but I just never can I can't remember my life without you. I mean, I guess it we met some time in track cuz winter track was the first time we ever let her know you were the captain as a junior and I was a little freshman and I was getting over being fat from middle school. So

01:04 Still like learning how to run a mile runs with me. I was fat. I was uncovered I could not run. I was like a little Potter along is the thrower and embarrassing. My fault. I know you're just really see another Captain and the best in like everybody looked up to you and like even though their kids listen to you. So I always

01:36 I looked up to you and just as like a little twelve-year-old wear whatever 14 to you, you're always so happy and cheerful. And even though that was so pissed off at our coach is so glad to be around someone who is really positive. Thank you for listening to me. Well, I think my first memory of you is actually through your brother and your sister because I knew Garrett and Patricia change the volume that you and I just knew that you were this freshman girl who destroyed the soccer team and all my friends talked about you because

02:36 Soccer team they would talk about

02:41 How this girl he is really good at soccer, but such a brat your friends with Katrina and Karena. Okay, everyone on the soccer team. I didn't want to be goalie that year because like they were all like you mad at me cuz I'm as loud as a freshman and just really obnoxious and I didn't want them to like have reason to hate me if I like what goes in and I figured like Kylie and Emily could do it and I would just like cause less harm on the field. They could be going for like the JV, but once I asked me and varsity has like no, thanks, Miss Matera.

03:29 But then you became a pretty solid goalie. But then I tore my ACL and stop playing actually want to ask you a little bit about your ACL. So it's kind of funny that you brought that up. Can you tell me first what happened on that day? And how do you think that event changed you?

03:49 Do you know I can still remember it was at the Coram Fields Diamond at the Pines where they have like counties every year County championship and it was the first day of summer league the first game and I was supposed to go and go for the second half of the game. But again, it was like with the older girls and I didn't want to I was like know what to play defense, you know, whatever and like some girl was like coming up with the ball and I just like Turned weird and my knee just snapped and I started like screaming curse words and like every week like Warren came over to help me into the car you okay doesn't shut up lines.

04:30 And then it was like 5 minutes left of the game. So they didn't really care they kind of just like let me off the field and then like once they like to walk like a mile back to the car to and then like the next day like my parents aren't even going to do anything. You know, we were anything going to go to the doctor until like I was like, wow, I really can't walk right now. So yeah and I change your life cuz I'm like, I don't know those are really hard time because you know sportswear my life at that point in like I couldn't really do anything and I kind of just lived on the couch and it kind of sucked really badly.

05:10 You don't appreciate how much you can run until you can't Tennyson.

05:16 Feel like I don't know if I want to be a physical therapist then I met so many good people at Pizza day and I know it. I know what I want to do with my life so soon. Can you tell me if there is like a specific moment where you knew that you want to be a physical therapist I deserve memories. Are you like this? Is it this is what I know. I disremember like being there and hanging out with everyone in like remember Evan who is like an aide who is just like so nice in like so helpful and at the people are so great that like after a while. It's okay. I kind of want to do this for other people and Elsa.

05:55 I may be wild kind of impact. They he cannot on you and like a memory of what he's really funny when I was fifteen. He was 20 so like everywhere those like your friendship is inappropriate, of course because God forbid I could be friends with someone my own age, but she was just a he's so cute and black hair and blue eyes on such a dream. He's so funny. He just had the best attitude for like everything. I just remember he would always be there and be like, hey, hey killer what's up and like you would always talk to me as I was doing like my walls. Godson Frank the physical therapist would be like, can you stop distracting her so she can actually like get out of here on time and I don't know we just like

06:50 Talked a lot and he made jokes and he made things like easier. So the whole experience which was like a really bad experience. They made a better I could see you doing that really. Well just be that positive smiling face and like I know for me, you're always you always know exactly the right time to joke around with me and know I like I have to be serious when I just make me do I really don't think I do. I really think like I'm just joking around and then I make you feel better and you're like, okay, I joke was necessary at this point when it really wasn't like I make the most inappropriate joke, sometimes they're like, it's like not right now, but since you like me so much I get away with it.

07:33 I love you.

07:37 I love your jokes. Will you pretend that we're going to run away together and I'll be running high school together.

07:53 The mister still rolls his eyes at us.

07:56 TGM mr. Snell, it's just notice is our track coach from what is your favorite memory is mr. Snow this I actually senior year when I was about to graduate who wrote him a letter and I told him exactly what my senior my favorite moment of it of him was his senior year and we had got on the Whiting Field Trip that day until like we're all tired and it's just been a really long week for me and like we got home just in time to get on the track bus to go to the to go to Suffolk all night long, and I just didn't want to go. I was grumpy. I wanted to go home and take a bath and I was just so mad at mr. Snow from making me go to this meat and we're sitting at Suffolk and I just like mr. Snow.

08:40 You're a jackass. I like this is a teacher at our school like you that's like an adult. You can't just like say like you're a jackass to an adult and like he like every right to give me a detention or like slap me upside the face and heat like looks at me and he just goes I'm a jackass. You're a jackass and I was like, wow, thanks. Mr. Thanks for liking knowing me enough to like not get me in trouble for cursing at you. First of all, but like if for just a like I shut up your punk ass like that saw like I needed and I don't know he was just he's like a Dopey kind of older brother like, you know, like the older brother when you're growing up with their already like in college and like they like like you but like you don't really know them that well, I don't have that. But like if I did that would be mr.

09:36 What was mr. Suffolk be like then? Mr. Suffolk would either of you like my godfather or my neighbor? Mr. Suffolk is dry. Remember who is herself? Because he's my English teacher from freshman and junior year and he is easily the best teacher I've ever had. Why is he the best teacher you've ever had besides the fact that he made like the class so interesting and stuff he like he knows like when kids like he knows how to like make things interesting for kids like he knows when to use proper like techniques are like when things are working and when things aren't like once we were watching like this documentary on Shakespeare for like two days in class and we had to take notes and stuff and like no one was getting anything out of it. Nobody is like really paying attention. So then like we come in the second day for like another, you know, round of just like awful documentary that

10:36 Take notes on and he's like, okay. Well, I made a scavenger hunt instead and like we still like I know that Shakespeare's wife's name and Hathaway the most random facts about shakes be there in like I can't remember but he had like a theater and stuff. Yeah, but it was just like so funny because like who would think that most teachers would just be like, yeah watch this movie from mr. Suffolk was like watching us not watch the movie and was like, you know, maybe you should go run around outside and scavenged information. Did you actually run outside and scavenge for information that we did it was like slips of paper and like different classrooms and likeness Greco's classroom and stuff like we were about to run we had to erase walking the hallways and it was like so funny. He's just such a good teacher and like once when we were learning about poetry like we did we had to

11:36 You know how I like every freaking year in English class. You have to write sonnets and poetry and stuff and you make a portfolio. Will he had us like do a poetry slam and like we already like poetry and we drink coffee he brought in like a box of joe from Dunkin Donuts have like hot chocolate and coffee and like turned off the lights and have like a candle set up and stuff and like Bongos. So like everybody would read their poetry and at the end everybody would snap instead of like clouds and stuff is so fun. Like that's awesome dude, creative stuff like that, but everyone actually it's the MBA student and he came in the class and Alexandra Stanfield with turkey necks you so cute.

12:24 I have no questions or I can do another one or give you a 50 years from now to listen to this and Apollo in Osceola building Osceola Hall. He had the dorm above mine and he hit his friends like the way I tell it is he in his friends are always really loud and bounce basketballs and like we would always hear it and like my roommate would need to go to bed early because you had to wake up at like 7 to go to work and stuff and she would need sleep and she wouldn't be able to sleep because of these like boys causing Racket and jumping around and be a little monkey boys. And so like we wrote on their door and Chuck shut up you're annoying because that's the most reasonable thing to me and then they roll.

13:24 On our door know you bro, or something like equilibrium. Wish and then I remember like I came home one day and Jame was like, oh my God, you have to beat the boys upstairs there. So cool. We could like whatever. I'm bored. Cuz you're not around. I'll just go up there and hang out with them and like heaven really like them cuz they were playing likes to smash like Super Smash Brothers Brawl Wii and like I went upstairs and I like met them and like I remember thinking like Atticus was pretty cute, but then I had like track because I was still doing my Discover at that point and that was the day we had we had time trials for four Runners Club and it was funny because instead of 400 we ran a mile and I remember I got there late and like I got there in time they started early so I missed the girls Mile and it made me so mad cuz I know I could have beat this one girl lea-ann cuz she and I were like vying for like the top position.

14:24 Four girls and she was also a freshman she is essentially Katrina but like I could have beat her like I couldn't be Katrina but I could beat Lian and I didn't get a chance to cuz then I had to run in the boys eat and I was like, so I actually wasn't him last there was like it slower Boys in me, but like I so mad because I like my time was like 2 seconds slower than her time made me so mad. I remember going to happen with McKayla. I would have beat her if we are in the same key. So it makes me wanna rematch anytime anywhere else. First time. He kissed was at Rachel Hollis and had people over and we're playing Uno the card game Kings. Yeah, like they call it ring of fire because like people in Florida like retarded or drinking and make of course like someone was like I dare you to kiss Atticus and it's like no this is stupid.

15:24 I don't want to kiss him cuz I know where this is going to end up.

15:29 And then we ended up kissing and then I was like up and then we went to the beach together and started smoochie. And then I was like this going to be a problem and then I don't know. What's your fondest memory of Atticus men.

15:46 Yeah, I don't know. I hate him.

15:50 I don't know if I should I do know one day I was having just like a really really bad day. I was just like a grumpy person like not having a good time and I go upstairs cuz I've been texting him and I had like class and then like like, where are you and he was like, you know, whatever influence intelligible answer and so then I go up to his room and I knock on his door and he like opens the door but like he like always just opens the door to let me in and he like opens the door but like sticks his head out and I'm like, okay, so I like Push the door open and like start walking into his room and he's like why don't like why don't you just go downstairs and I'll meet you downstairs in like 10 minutes and I'm like I was so mad at him or we just wanted to like lay on his bed cuz there's always more comfortable than mine and like just like mush but he was just like I'll meet you downstairs know I was like so mad and I went downstairs and was a key or whatever. I'm going to Facebook now. So like I was on the computer and then the dick

16:50 Knocks on the door and I was like what and he had flowers and he had like roses and he liked the card was like, I know you're having like a really bad day. So let's go out to dinner tonight in like he gave me like Reese's peanut butter cups when I was just like just like now that it has been motion to Atticus ben-moshe Taman bad parenting to the max.

17:24 At least he didn't even sister Scout lights. Come on could have been scouting. What's your first memory of Andrew by first memory of Andrew. Well here originating me when I was leaving this retreat called Rockbridge, but I don't remember it very well. So I'll see my first memory of him was it was in January of 2010 and it was right after our anniversary large group. So we have a speaker and afterward we do something fun together as a good Christian fellowship and if we had a snowball fight cousin North Carolina snowball fights are very many people there, but

18:24 This one. This one guy's name is Shelton. He was actually a man doesn't matter. So Shelton invited me to go just like okay and didn't know very many people that he was going to talk to you and it turned out he was really good friends with will he had a roommate his name is Dennis and Dennis is from New Jersey Shelton was from Chicago and Andrew was from Philadelphia into all of us are pretty familiar with the snow in Northern Alliance and voltage all the sudden. There's we would like Target.

19:11 I'm just like throwing at them and it was pretty but I start I met Andrew there and he's told me that he likes to run has like oh, I like to run to and we just started from there. He was actually injured and I actually had a boyfriend but Michael Michael motorcycle. Okay, we've all done it.

19:42 So she said yeah, we should go running sometime and he actually asked me when he was still injured. So I didn't know that he's like, yeah, I'm feeling better today. We can spend more time together even though I'm injured.

19:58 You just reminded me so much of our friend Danny why he struck me and I ended up calling Danny that next night and being like I met someone who is just like you I like I he likes I can be friends with him in a platonic way. I remember some of your letters cuz we used to write a lot and then we suck at right now cuz I'm not writing you. Okay. I got your postcard, but I remember in your letters you mentioned him and you're like, he's so funny and he's just so goofy you would get so alone with him, but how about Michael?

20:48 But then I played basketball with Andrew and it was so fun. Yeah. Okay. It's okay with us and it ends well for Davido, it's going to be a thing now. I can ask you a question. Was there a moment something that you want to go back and change?

21:29 You should have like told me that like last night so I could have like thought about it on the train ride here. Oh my gosh, I think about it now. Yes. I don't know have you like

21:44 Yeah, it sounds really silly now. Lay it on me. Okay back in 9th grade like where this is. This is us to do. Okay. Continue. Sorry. I think I hit back and I'm afraid but turn recessed which we had recent. We used to play Four Square at lunch time and we would play we hold our sandwiches in one hand and hit the post with the other and got really intense because we we divided into two teams and between our friends and we would have these fights against each other trying to get into the fourth and third Square. Yes, and so we had rules.

22:44 Hit someone or when you fell into the bush and I know those bushes and when I had a good friend who I had a pretty big crush on his name was Chris. Oh shit.

23:05 Admittance. Yes, and so now you know, and I didn't get along with everyone. So when he accidentally hit the ball and he's here for the movie little boy when he was very moody great. But if you hit the ball into Aaron's nose accidentally cuz he was in the fourth square serving and everyone was kind of giving him a hard time. Anyway, he accidentally hit in his nose nose is very sensitive to get the blood started coming down and even though he like he wasn't hurt and he didn't have it seems like the kind of person who would ever since

24:05 Press really hard time. Like, how could you do that? Like you're such a jerk? I can't believe you would do that and like hit him and everyone went to Aaron sad and so they all went to the nurse with him because we will have nurses there is another four square game actually going on next to us and he decided to go over there and start playing with not even check up on Aaron was like Chris you should you know, he should apologize to him if I could that it gets have to try to patch things up and he's like, no I already did. I said, I don't think they heard you, you know, they like saying all these horrible things about you that aren't true. He's like I don't care what they think and

24:55 I could just like I don't care about them at all. I think after that I'd ended up going with them.

25:05 And I think in some way he saw it was me taking their side. So I think I would have probably I wish one that I could have been harder on him into that. I that I could have showed him our support as a friend because he pretty much became a loner after that moment.

25:24 I mean I said, I don't think you can like really attribute that one moment for him becoming a loner but no probably not but I felt really bad that like he'd been very supportive of me as a friend up until 9 and then after that he would stop talking for like six months randomly. And then in the Friendship has never been the same afterwards like that was something that one I'd wish I could have just gotten over. Anyway you like I wish I could have been a better friend.

25:55 If 8 is still like there's so many like incidents where I'm like, I'm so uncomfortable. I have 100K something. I wish I could have gone back and changed couple days ago at work.

26:09 Monica the server messed up on an order and she got an ice cream out of it and then she put it in the back on the Shelf. You know, like we have like this this back shelf that like if there's any like food open yet you like you take a bite out of it and you eat it. So I went in the back and I took a bite out of it and I invited the new Hostess Beth. Beth. What's-her-name Heather Meza. Come on come get some ice cream. She had some ice cream in like we only have like these tiny little ramekins of ice cream. So it's just like one tiny little scoop of gelato. So I had some and then she had some and then like we finished and then if the ice cream because like it was in the back and then later on in the night Monica goes where is my ice cream? Cuz she's like a little person and she looks like a little like she honestly looks like a sugar baby like a little like bushy. I like big big eyed bushy tail like a little too jealous kind of sides a little voice too, and she's like 26

27:09 It's just ridiculous that she talks like this and like she could be a cartoon character is you so upset that I ate her ice cream, but she didn't know I had to ask him and I was so upset. I didn't want to tell her and it's just been eating at me about it.

27:33 And it's only 2:50 so I could theoretically buy her another ice cream, but it will never be the same.

27:41 Okay for another bad day. I wish I had known.

27:47 I hope she doesn't listen to NPR. What's your favorite memory of us?

28:02 Oh God one of them.

28:10 You know, what's yours? I know I don't have a favorite either I can list some of them.

28:17 You know that track meets are only as good as the pictures and yeah, that was one of them that excited State freshman sophomore. Oh my god, when we did steeple, I don't think I want that guy to like plug his ears cuz it's not going to be appropriate the first time I ever like to see people I was on my. And I wear a pad and it like a jump into the water pit a like that thing turned into like a diaper sponge-like ShamWow windows at 6.

28:59 No, no. No, that was at that was at first and I was a soggy little girl is so awful. I got such a good attitude the rest of the day underwear necessary.

29:25 We would really hope this goes on.

29:29 So save me that we we took the sweatshirts have lost and found no. No, cuz that was that was your sophomore year wasn't it is raining and we took the sweaters out of the lost and found. Okay, honestly Port Jeff, you're lost and found is not real because there is no reason for there to be Coach Sneakers in a lost and found. Are you kidding me? They're Ugg boots in a lost-and-found Ugg boots got a $200 are you kidding? So I mean nobody was going to take them anyway, so like we needed those sweatshirt. I still have mine somewhere. I still wear that but I think I still have mine too. And I'm pretty sure like, I always thought it was Alex constantinides misses and he's cutie pie, but it turned out to be like James Kennedy's old sweatshirt.

30:22 It was foggy as well. Yeah, we did our Steeplechase and then went over you for the tc45da. Remember you okay, you can do before bed. And then I remember being like it either so there was no reason for me to come to this besides taking pictures with your umbrella. I still use it's cool. Umbrellas every my favorite memory of you probably just like that summer watching Avatar and stuff those two such a good summer and like

31:20 I should know. My favorite memory of you is after 3 days after two or three days after I got my knee surgery for the first time.

31:31 It was the seventh book release for Harry Potter. And so we dressed up as like the weird sisters from Harry Potter and we just left we go to the ridiculous and we can't get out at Borders even though like we were buying her books. We just wanted to be with the other people in the drama and I just remember it was so fun to be there with you even though it's like hobbling around in like a so high of Vicodin side around. I don't know. I didn't carry a sign. I was just on my cat on your cast said I tore my ACL playing soccer so that like people wouldn't ask me but people would always be like that's such a good idea. That way people don't ask you and I'm like, yeah, I know but still you approached me.

32:31 Remembering meal that was so funny. Oh Danny and I would like to sit next to each other. So you're not to sit next to him and he dates my deodorant wasn't working. So I like smelled pretty back at like a visit. I just like when people are crying I'm giving the disgusting Heights.

33:00 Honestly, I'm a clean person take a shower.

33:05 Sometimes I wash my hair too. Sometimes that's actually supposed to be my confession because I think I had a little crush on Danny which is funny now because now I can never see myself liking him like when he was telling me about Emily and how he's going out with jelly jealous girls. Like this is not the jealous type just like yeah you bet on with Neil and then I thought I meant Danny actually had a crush on you. He told me later that day. But like I was thinking of me to have I had a crush on Eric had a crush on eyewear Kayleen.

33:59 I remember thinking that night or after talking to Danny and it was like well like sleeping like I don't like I'm mad but it's not worth that. I felt like like I love Danny he's my best friend and I love her. She's my best friend and I liked it just wasn't worth it for me to be mad at you about like a boy. Even though. It was daddy and he was my best friend and I was like, he's not the person that I need to be crushing on you bet. I hate you. I was cheated you put your our friendship first Chief. I couldn't believe you. Let me get your brother. I mean you liked him and like he liked you and like

34:57 It just means I got to see more of you. Yeah, I'm just kind of hang out with you so I could go see your brother Katie's only dating Garrett so she can hang out with Trish Moore. It's sad because probably like my dad that you're still my dad's favorite daughter shirt that he loves you too, and he loves his side too. But like he definitely like puts you above Garrett like no. What's your favorite thing about your dad? I'm going to start like crying. I left my dad so much.

35:37 I don't know just the way he sticks out, you know, like sticks it out like

35:44 He's such a good guy.

35:46 Like he talked it out like things with my mom got really bad, but he's still like stuck with her in like he always has a good attitude and makes cookies is just like

35:59 Picks out my prom dresses because it's just I feel like it's my second home and I welcome. This is one of the luxa jizz good is willing to forgive you for like silly things are like if you like laugh laugh it off. I told my parents I was like, yeah, so like I was getting too thin the other day and my dad was like, what is this a Katy Perry song my God. Thank you for not grounding me.

36:43 You know, you're always welcome over. He loves you so much. He considers you one of his kids, you know, you're always invited over for dinner. I consider you my sister. Yeah, you're one of my sisters to a ninja. So we remember you were holding hands right now every corner watching up. No, actually the best memory I had of you was you came home the first time from college and you came to one of my soccer games and my coach was coach Pagano at the point and he's such a dillhole. But I remember seeing you from across like the park or whatever across craggy field seeing you wavy and I got so excited and like Pagano be dance. I ran over to you and you ran to me and we were like running across a field in slow motion and it was the most romantic thing you've ever seen you don't eat.

37:46 We hugged and went and ourselves as bangers and like oh my God, you make me such a girl, but I'm wearing a dress embarrassing for the worst. Tomboys ever friends.

38:07 Hello.

38:14 Nikki Sixx