Loraine Klapperich and Becky Hardy

Recorded March 31, 2023 Archived March 31, 2023 37:27 minutes
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Loraine "Lonny" Krbez Van Patten Klapperich (97) speaks with her friend Becky Hardy (63) about growing up in Great Depression-era Milwaukee and her life experiences.

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L describes her childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the Great Depression. She shares childhood memories and speaks about her family.
L speaks about her faith, the German Lutheran church she grew up in, and her experiences with the Salvation Army.
L describes her education and career.
L remembers World War II and speaks about her children. She recalls getting back in contact with her ex-boyfriend and their married life together.
L shares what she is proudest of.
L remembers the taverns of Milwaukee.
L reflects on her life and growing up in the depression.


  • Loraine Klapperich
  • Becky Hardy

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Albuquerque Museum