Lorraine Stofft and Michael Miller

Recorded November 26, 2019 Archived November 26, 2019 39:55 minutes
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Spouses Lorraine Stofft (51) and Michael Miller (66) share stories of hiking and exploring the Sonoran desert together as a couple.

Subject Log / Time Code

LS asks MM what he finds magical about the Sonoran desert.
MM describes the plant life in the Sonoran desert.
LS asks MM if he has a favorite memory of hiking in the Sonoran desert.
MM talks about crossing water in Pina Cate.
MM describes the beauty of the PIna Cate.
MM discusses his passion for environmental preservation.
LS and MM discuss environmental changes.
MM talks about the importance of getting into the wild.
LS and MM recall memorable wildlife encounters.
MM recalls a rattlesnake counter
MM discusses climate change woes.


  • Lorraine Stofft (b. 1968)
  • Michael Miller (b. 1953)

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center