" Love is the best medicine."

Recorded December 6, 2018 Archived December 6, 2018 06:10 minutes
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I interviewed my aunt her name is Theresa Lane. She explains the life of her daughter, my cousin Jazmine T. Bryant and her use of drugs. // Transcript of interview:
Le’onn: Hello my name is Le’onn Dickson I am an 18 year old freshman at Stockton University. Today is November 8 and I will be interviewing my aunt.
Theresa: My name is Theresa Lane.
Le’onn: Okay we are currently recording this video through phone, so um Aunt Terry who is it in relation to you that you have lost to drugs?
Theresa: Um I lost my daughter and her name was Jazmine Bryant.
Le’onn: Okay, would you say it was sudden or was there signs of the issue?
Theresa: It was sudden there were definitely signs um Jazmine was diagnosed with mental disability and I think she was self- medicating so um even though it as sudden it had signs.
Le’onn: Okay, and how has this changed your outlook of drugs?
Theresa: Well, I always have had a negative outlook on drugs but it definitely showed me that we have epidemic and that it definitely needs tension, it needs to be dealt with and it also showed me that there is like a connection with mental illness and drug abuse.
Le’onn: Okay, um was there a change in personality after the drug use started?
Theresa: There was a change in personality and her personality did notice that there were differences but part of her mental disability was a personality disorder. So, um there was a change but it was explainable through her mental disability.
Le’onn: Right, which is understandable so has Jazzy ever tried to get help in the past before it got this far?
Theresa: We did try to get help but this was after her mental break this was after her diagnoses but it’s very, very difficult when you’re older; picked to get help for someone that has an issue with drugs or mental illness.
Le’onn: Okay, um do you believe that Jazmine realized that there was a problem in her actions?
Theresa: Yes I do believe that she realized there was a problem but I just don’t think there was too much she could do about it, I think she had controlled her situation.
Leonn: Okay, has there been previous overdoses or other scares?
Theresa: Not to my knowledge.
Le’onn: Okay, what kind of actions do you think can be taken in order to prevent this from happening to others?
Theresa: I really feel like education is key, also people knowing themselves drug addiction and mental illness sometimes, it affects your self-esteem and things of that nature so you automatically will turn to other things that may not be good for you, that will be detrimental to you.
Le’onn: Okay, what do you believe can be taught to children in order to inform them to not do drugs?
Theresa: Uh, one again I feel like education is key.
Le’onn: Okay, Is there anything that you would want to tell people who are in a similar situation as yourself or your loved one?
Theresa: Yes, um don’t have regret um love on that individual, support them not their habit but support that person with love, compassion and as much understanding. Um, I am starting a fund in Jasmine’s name called the Jazmine T. Bryant Brighter Day fund, we are going to be raising money to try to help someone that might be trying to go to school, help someone that is going through crisis, and needs to go to a facility and or a drug rehab. I just feel like love is the best medicine for somebody that is going through and god forbid if anybody has to be in a situation like I have had to endure at least if you did the best that you could to try and help that person, at least if you are still here on this earth, you won’t be tormented you will understand that you did the best that you could with what you had, so that would be my advice.
Le’onn: Okay , so like we kind of said before um Jazmine passed away at the age of 31, and this is my cousin so I did get really hurt by this and I didn’t really spend as much time with her as I should have but she knows that I did have a lot of love for her and of course like all the people around her, so um I wouldn’t be hurt like unsure if knowing if she knew that I loved her because I always made sure that I gave her that love but I would say tomorrow is not promised so for those that you may not send everyday with make sure they know that you love them, like with everything because there might not be a tomorrow to say I love you.
Theresa: Yes, and love is the best medicine


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