Nora Pilliod and Peter Pilliod

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Nora Ann (90) and her son Peter Pilliod (40) spoke of her childhood and early adulthood growing up in Chicago. She spoke of her parents and grandparents, meeting her husband, and about her son Peter.

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Nora talks about the community she grew up in, in Chicago, memories of a neighborhood of yellow brick apartment buildings. Remembers riding the streetcar alone since she was 6. Her grandfather was a conductor.
Nora remembers that her family was the only Irish family in the neighborhood, and how they were different from the rest of their neighbors. Mrs. Krause, the only other Irish person in the neighborhood took care of Nora and her brother.
Nora remembers an occasion when her mother placed a Menorah on her window to try to conform with the neighborhood. She and her siblings kept to themselves. Memories of her maiden Aunt, who took care of them.
Nora shares memories of taking care of her little brother Chuckie.
Nora shares memories of Chicago during the Great Depression, and memories of riding the EL.
Nora remembers a year when her father misspent the family’s mortgage money and the family had to move in with Nora’s grandfather. She speaks about school, and about failing Latin.
Nora remembers having to show she was just as smart as her Jewish classmates. She couldn’t be involved in extracurricular activities since she was in charge of cooking dinner.
Nora describes her parents as very unhappy with each other; her father wanted to separate while her mother didn’t. Nora describes her father as “Black Irish.” She continues talking about her parents, how they were and what they did for a living.
Nora remembers doing the shopping for the family before cooking dinner, memories of the dinner schedule and what they ate.
Nora’s memories of Kibble Avenue where her grandfather’s house was. She speaks of having to drop out of High School due to illness.
The family moves to Evaston, IL thanks to the help of Aunt Stella when Nora was 16 years old. She remembers the long walk to school and why she didn’t continue in school.
Nora’s mother was a gifted pianist, and Nora speaks of the music always present in the house.
Nora remembers when she met Pete’s father in 1942. At the time Nora worked with a dentist for 9 dollars a week, before interviewing at American Airlines to work as an Agent in New York. Remembers the details of their first meeting.
Nora remembers what Sara her roommate told her – Pete’s father had said that he would marry Nora.”
Nora married in New Jersey. She remembers the people present during that day, and wearing her sister’s wedding dress.
Nora shares stories about life when her husband was overseas. Nora lived with her mother and her oldest son David.
Nora talks of being in the Sanitarium when she was young – she loved how regimented it all was. She was there for a year, and remembers finding a wild strawberry patch. Her best friend Betsey sat next to her; Nora shares memories of her and of how one day she went into the infirmary and never came back.
Nora remembers coming down with dysteria for 2 months right after leaving the sanitarium.
Nora speaks of happiness and sadness as a child. She describes life back then as plain drudgery.
Nora talks about her grandparents. Describes her maternal grandpa as a powerhouse. Talks of how he found and met her grandmother in San Diego, California.
Nora talks about her son Peter. Describes him as clinically hyperactive. Nora remembers visiting 3 doctors because she refused to give him drug, and instead used behavior modification. Continues talking about Peter, how he is as a person, how he was as a child.
Nora remembers picking Peter up at school at noon; they’d have a ham and swiss hero. Nora describes Peter as her whole life, and that school was difficult for him.
Nora and Peter remember a former teacher, Mr. Melon, and how great he was. Nora and Peter talk of how “he turned out alright though.”


  • Nora Pilliod
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00:11 9 2012 location and my relationship

00:28 My name is Peter. I'm the youngest of six children and I am Nora and son and I'll be doing the interview and it's

00:41 9th of March 2012 in Buffalo, New York

00:48 Mom is a great day. Just tell me about the community that you grew up in neighborhood.

01:29 When I was six years old because of me whenever I get a chance.

02:01 Neighbors

02:05 We were the only Irish family they removed.

02:14 And very precious and I couldn't understand our way. There was a piano in the house.

02:32 There was only one.

02:37 And see what you're over my brother and me because we were always fighting and she was always pregnant.

02:52 They were very very early European neighbors and they only use the back entrance.

03:15 Monroe my mother

03:24 Put

03:42 Grateful she adored my mother.

03:52 Three boys and two girls

04:11 Pretty much straight later on life.

04:27 Who is supposed to take care of her but I think of her.

04:34 Baking

04:48 It was a shambles.

05:25 Because my mother

05:34 Very fair skin with red hair

05:56 And how and

06:12 We are 18.

06:21 Grace show

06:41 And my mother would take

06:59 Chicago, what was the city of Chicago? Like if he was a beautiful city Institute?

07:33 Girlfriend

08:37 Many years I went to

08:52 And when I wrote to you because

09:11 I can't I wouldn't I wouldn't Barbie.

09:23 Even when I grew up

09:36 Praise year

10:03 I had to move in with my grandfather make your own.

10:15 And it would give him wrong.

10:18 Everything was

10:36 He was in a long walk through the public school, and I won't.

11:37 And they were very good grace.

11:55 Hurry home

12:17 And

12:38 My mother needed me.

12:49 Pretty much ran the house house.

13:00 They were very

13:19 But he was a very handsome.

14:23 Before we move to Grandpa place on the dining room table lighting.

15:01 Liver

15:18 And what to do?

16:05 And I had to quit High School.

16:38 Fourth grade by Mariah Carey

17:05 New Year

17:10 Evanston

17:29 We were there when I was.

17:36 July and easy work at home

17:54 Music

18:32 She saying when she's alone.

18:56 Define the jump ahead you met dad.

19:07 And I was

19:19 Not very exciting and

19:43 My roommate

19:50 Coming up with a call my mother my mother.

20:50 Apparently he was

21:34 Next weekend in Washington

21:53 They were sneaking in the car.

22:07 The way home

22:29 Hillywood

22:32 A very

22:34 Iffy situation

22:52 I had one of my boyfriend.

23:28 And we were married there.

23:40 Wedding dress very pretty gray

24:00 Mary Mary, Pierson Township

24:08 Very very hard

24:15 Marine Corps and they were there for three years before he went over to see.

24:25 How long was the overseas?

24:36 Do you have any stories that you want to tell about your children?

24:48 A stories about Dad if you'd like

24:52 The war without him

25:02 And I live with my mother.

25:28 Understood

25:31 What about when you were in the sanitarium when you were young? What was that like?

26:01 Who are very caring?

26:17 A full year

26:55 My best friend was Anthony Green. She was in the bed next to me and we were we were there.

27:07 He would say or I would say.

27:36 When we went to the infirmary if you went to the infirmary and never came back.

27:59 I'm sure your hair is super kills in Scott worth.

28:09 David my mother

28:40 Nobody could go home.

29:21 What do you think was the happiest time in your childhood?

29:30 What was your childhood?

29:48 Work and no play you never had a job.

30:16 What were your grandparents like that?

30:32 Widower Grandma make your own had died before I was born.

30:39 My grandparents make you use it every time I came over.

30:59 Grandpa Miguel

31:09 Beer and everything

31:23 Wonderful Life Run Away From Home in Nova Scotia

31:36 California

31:41 Story to tell Lumber camps in San Diego and it was my grandmother.

32:05 San Diego with little small town

32:13 I found it and they were Mary real estate.

32:30 And years and years Crazy, Grandpa

32:39 We will need to come in and came right away. Take me to 60.

33:26 When my my grandmother died

33:53 Any Road next to it?

34:10 What are

34:20 Okay, I guess.

34:25 What would you like to talk about?

34:51 Are you Siri?

35:15 He'd love to go riding in the car and you get around him.

35:40 My hair was 21 when he was born and he was in the Seminary so he was out of it.

35:58 He was wonderful and he loves her shoe.

36:23 I think about 8 year old kid.

36:45 Scariest

36:54 And we get ahead and go for a ride.

37:05 Because he was my whole life there was in your room.

37:16 Never really never made me.

37:56 I dunno Charlie melon Chuck melon.

38:01 He was wonderful.

38:29 Very difficult

38:42 I just want to say thank you.