Rolanda Pyle and Katie Hine

Recorded April 28, 2015 Archived May 12, 2015 32:57 minutes
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Rolanda Pyle (59) talks about how her childhood being raised by a grandmother turned into a career as a social worker supporting families, especially grandparents raising grandchildren.

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R talks about how she has liked helping people since a young age.
R studied Sociology in college and interned at an alcohol rehab center for women whose children were in foster care. Their complaints about the system influenced her desire to work as a social worker.
One of R’s colleagues reached out to her about a grandparents program for grandparents who raise their grandchildren. This resonated with R because her grandmother raised her.
R talks about how her mother abandoned her family and her paternal grandmother stepped in to raise her. R was embarrassed by her mother not being around; traumatized.
R realizes that what she went through had a purpose and has provided insight for her career with grandparents.
R talks about cases she worked on that have stuck with her throughout the years.
R talks about her interest in learning about different cultures and traveling.
R talks about the importance of religion in her life and her grandmother’s influence on her religious life.
R talks about her illnesses, being hit by a car, and being held up at gunpoint and how these events have made her more cautious.
Lessons learned: “Everyone’s life has a purpose.” “Look for the positive.”


  • Rolanda Pyle (b. 1955)
  • Katie Hine (b. 1973)

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