Luciana Herman and Lauren Rosenberg

Recorded March 6, 2020 Archived March 19, 2020 35:20 minutes
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Luciana Herman (36) speaks with her colleague and professor Dr. Lauren Rosenberg (56) to reflect on the different way of life that military families live, and how this shapes military children's upbringings and military spouses’ relationship dynamics.

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LH speaks about the importance of documenting the history and lives of military wives and families, to form a multimodal history of military life.
LH shares the story of a picture a daughter drew a week before her husband’s deployment, and what it is like when he is deployed. LH discusses the way her children “play deployment” during this time, and her experiences parenting by herself.
LH and LR speak about the NMSU study on family trauma, and therapeutic storytelling. LH mentions children and civilian reactions to service member trauma, and how trauma for veterans can be a foregone conclusion.
LH speaks about her family not having a military lineage, her children’s military interests, and the family dynamic with her traditional family not understanding military life. LH recalls meeting her husband in college.
LH talks about teaching writing at West Point Academy, and speaks about why she and her husband have chosen the military after 9/11.
LH talks about parenting with her kids communicating with their father on weekends, and how the kids prepare questions and things to show him over video conferencing.
LH speaks about the difficulty and resentment of not comparing accomplishments and lifestyle with other spouses and families, the rate of divorce in the military, and the necessary respect for individual desires instead of sacrifice for your spouse that she and her husband share.


  • Luciana Herman (b. 1984)
  • Lauren Rosenberg (b. 1963)

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Milton Hall

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