Lynne Robinson and Genevieve Oswald

Recorded March 25, 2023 Archived March 25, 2023 23:31 minutes
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Lynne Robinson (69) and her daughter Genevieve Oswald (41) reflect on their relationship to Taos, New Mexico, the Harwood, and Taos Pueblo.

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L and G speak about living at the Harwood. L shares how she came to live in Taos, New Mexico.
L describes what Taos was like when she first arrived.
L shares the story of G's birth and how she chose G's name.
L and G remember living at the Harwood while it was a library, and they describe how they feel about the Harwood.
L shares a memory of a poignant moment at Taos Pueblo. G and L discuss their relationship to Taos, Taos Pueblo, and the Harwood.
L and G speak about G's decision to settle in Taos after her travels. G expresses what makes Taos special.


  • Lynne Robinson
  • Genevieve Oswald

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Taos Public Library

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