Maddalena Fontein and Debbie Mustone

Recorded November 3, 2022 Archived November 3, 2022 32:33 minutes
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Friends Maddalena Fontein (73) and Debbie Mustone (71) discuss Maddalena's childhood, adulthood, and her hopes for the future.

Subject Log / Time Code

TAPE 1 M talks about her immigration to the United States.
M recalls her childhood and early adulthood.
M remembers meeting her ex-husband and their relationship.
M recalls her career as a nurse.
M recalls moving from NJ to Las Vegas, Nevada.
M recalls her divorce from her husband.
TAPE 2 M talks about her children’s accomplishments.
D asks M about the most important people in her life.
D asks M to examine which memories in her life she wishes she could hold onto forever.
D asks M about her hopes for her children and what she would like to pass on to future generations.
D questions M about her childhood and what her parents were like.
D asks M about her professional life as a nurse.
D asks M about what her family did for work in Italy.
D questions M about family traditions she would like to pass down to future generations.


  • Maddalena Fontein
  • Debbie Mustone

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Rainbow Library