Mae Murnan (95) and granddaughter Tiffany Albrecht (46) with greats David & Bryce: ”young and younger”

Recorded December 31, 2018 Archived December 31, 2018 45:03 minutes
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Tiffany, Granddaughter, interviews Grandma, Mae Murnan, about the love of her life, her husband, Wilbur “Bill” Murnan. They met in Hawaii during the war, were married short months later, and the war was over a week after their honeymoon. She ends by telling how she starting dying her hair for him and hasn’t stopped at almost 100 bc he is looking down & likes her hair that way! She has had a beautiful life, raised two boys, loved 2 grandchildren and 5 great grandsons. She laughs with humor in her heart and love and kindness and genuine compassion for all. “I like to laugh” is how she wants to be remembered!


  • Mae Murnan
  • Tiffany Albrecht
  • David Albrecht
  • Bryce Albrecht
  • Levi Albrecht

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