Makayla West and Sondia Bell

Recorded April 4, 2022 Archived April 4, 2022 45:21 minutes
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Cousins Makayla West (25) and Sondia Bell (37) talk about special needs awareness, the businesses they have started, and the need for government resources to be funneled back into the community.

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SB shares April is Autism Awareness month.
SB advocates for children with special needs and shares the benefits of having them learn in regular classrooms.
SB talks about the nonprofit organization she started called Jacob's Bridge to Learning.
MW talks about Tulsa, Oklahoma and shares that it is the home of the Black Wall Street. She talks about how amazing things happen there.
MW reflects on her health journey after her father passed away from sickle cell anemia.
SB talks Native Americans reclaiming their land and African Americans needing to get reparations from the government.
MW tells SB she is an inspiration. She talks about entrepreneurship and her life as an entrepreneur.
MW thanks StoryCorps and SB for the conversation.


  • Makayla West
  • Sondia Bell

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Tulsa City-County Library