"Make science discovery part of everyday life for all families." an interview with Kristin Lawrence

Recorded February 15, 2019 Archived February 15, 2019 19:14 minutes
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Kristin Lawrence is reimagining how children of all ages can learn and discover science. She is the CEO and Founder of The Hopper, a science discovery playground coming soon to Boulder, Colorado. Kristin changed direction from a career in paleomagnetism to helping families discover science for themselves.

“Families need more experiences in STEAM education,” and Kristin and her team are opening a family-friendly space to do just that. Kristin wants everyone to experiment, to engage in critical thinking, to have fun, and to remember that there is never a failure when it comes to science. Failure is simply an opportunity to ask “what’s the new question I’m asking?” Kristin has seen that for too many people, “Science is scary and people are afraid….as soon as something becomes playful, walls come down,” providing the opportunity to learn. How can the public participate in science in real time? How can scientists give the public more access to discovery and scientific play?

Kristin has a vision for greater scientific collaboration and relationships between the public and scientists. At “The Hopper,” we’ll soon find out what can happen when science and play come together. (Recorded 12 December 2018)

Check out the Hopper: https://hopperboulder.com/


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