Mara Panich and Barbara Theroux

Recorded June 9, 2020 Archived June 9, 2020 36:05 minutes
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Mara Panich (41) talks to her friend and mentor, Barbara Theroux (72), about the importance of community businesses, like their bookstore Fact & Fiction. They discuss business responses to national and global crises like COVID-19 and the current Black Lives Matter movement.

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MP talks about Fact & Fiction, the bookstore that BT founded.
BT talks about how Fact & Fiction has survived as a local business.
MP tells a story about an employee of Fact & Fiction who now has a book publishing deal.
MP discusses business responses to both COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.
BT talks about taking a stance on political issues as a local business.
BT shares a story about her experience choosing books to purchase for Fact & Fiction.
MP talks about the current search among people to educate themselves more on issues like racism.
BT traces her path at Fact & Fiction and discusses the search for a new owner, who is now MP.


  • Mara Panich (b. 1979)
  • Barbara Theroux (b. 1948)

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