Marci Taylor (Hayez) and Dr. Denise Gates

Recorded November 7, 2022 Archived November 7, 2022 36:44 minutes
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Marci Taylor (Hayez) (51) interviews her colleague, author Dr. Denise Gates [no age given], about organizational socialization, superior-subordinate relationships, workplace burnout, traumatic workplace betrayals, and related issues. The two discuss how COVID-19 has shaped organizational socialization, and they offer guidance on how companies can contend with quiet quitting as well as some of the other salient challenges to organizational socialization.

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Dr. DG talks about organizational socialization.
Dr. DG talks about what she discovered studying organizational socialization.
Dr. DG talks about her model and why she created it.
Dr. DG talks about the most important relationship in the workplace. Dr. DG also talks about the importance of supervisors and how they affect organizations.
Dr. DG talks about superior-subordinate relationships.
Dr. DG talks about traumatic workplace betrayal. DR. DG also shares how traumatic workplace betrayal can be avoided.
Dr. DG addresses burnout and talks about "quiet quitting."
Dr. DG expresses how employers can inspire retention among employees.
Dr. DG talks about COVID and remote work and expresses how employees can navigate the workplace.
Dr. DG talks about the research she enjoys.
Dr. DG gives her final remarks about organizational socialization.


  • Marci Taylor (Hayez)
  • Dr. Denise Gates

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