Margo Guenther and Cindi Rang

Recorded July 25, 2022 Archived July 25, 2022 40:05 minutes
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Margo Guenther (61) talks with her friend Cindi Rang (58) about how she learned to heal her chronic pain and help others do the same. Margo talks about the 15 years she spent in Mexico, working at hotels and restaurants while also expanding on her practice.

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MG reflects on the time in her life when she was working as an RN and experiencing chronic pain.
MG talks about how not having insurance forced her to seek alternative methods to healing her chronic pain.
MG talks about seeing a chiropractor for her pain and learning about pain relief. She talks about starting her business to help others do the same.
MG talks about moving to Mexico for a new job and selling her business in Soap Lake. She talks about how she continued to work with people experiencing chronic pain in Mexico.
MG talks about how she gained recognition among tourists in Mexico.
MG discusses the shifts in tourism that she saw while living in Tulum, Mexico, and how it eventually impacted her decision to move back to Soap Lake.


  • Margo Guenther
  • Cindi Rang

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