Maria Gigante and Gail Larrow

Recorded July 17, 2020 Archived July 17, 2020 47:35 minutes
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One Small Step Conversation partners Maria Gigante (44) and Gail Larrow (62) talk about their faith, political leadership and the divisions in the country.

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MG talks about her upbringing being raised Catholic, and her current job as a professor in a film program. GL talks about being close to her family, her work in the corporate world, and now raising her grandchild.
GL says her values are guided by her Christian faith, such as being pro-life. MG says her values lean more liberal and values honesty.
GL agrees that political leaders are not honest. GL and MG discuss who is the arbitor of what is good.
GL says she would like political leaders to admit more often when they don't have all the answers.
GL talks about being upset with Governor Mike DeWine about the coronavirus response to the pandemic. MG explains her support of the response.
GL and MG talk about the divisions in our country.


  • Maria Gigante
  • Gail Larrow

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