Marianne Dunklin and Laurie Tidyman-Jones

Recorded November 13, 2022 Archived November 13, 2022 52:48 minutes
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One Small Step partners Marianne Dunklin (63) and Laurie Tidyman-Jones (69) discuss how their family backgrounds influenced their political beliefs, the role of big business and government, and their differing views regarding why people can or cannot escape poverty in the United States.

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Partners ask each other why they wanted to participate in One Small Step
Laurie asks Marianne how her political beliefs developed
Laurie explains why she became a college counselor
Marianne discusses how she thinks large businesses and corporations are unfairly maligned in the media
Laurie talks about how her grandmother influenced her left-leaning political beliefs
Marianne shares her background as the daughter of an Italian immigrant and why she is glad her family didn't utilize a social safety net
Marianne discusses the importance she places on teaching her students how to build wealth, especially her students of color and first generations students. She shares her belief in hard work and self determination, and how she feels the social safety net is needed, but should not become full time or perpetual.
Laurie discusses how she was brought up with a similar "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" philosophy, but came to question it. Marianne shares that she thinks people limit themselves.
Laurie shares her concern that women and people of color face additional, systemic barriers. Marianne agrees that they exist, but disagrees on how much they hold people back, versus people holding themselves back.
Marianne expresses frustration in her belief that California is "hostile to small businesses," and that Democrats would rather create social programs
Laurie expresses frustration in her belief that money and power "rule the day" and that government and corporations have moved away from caring about people


  • Marianne Dunklin
  • Laurie Tidyman-Jones

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