Marielle Gomez and Anne-Marie Emanuelli

Recorded March 26, 2023 Archived March 26, 2023 27:55 minutes
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Marielle Nizhoni Emanuelle Gomez (18) and her mother Anne-Marie Emmanuelli (61) share a conversation about their multicultural family, life experiences, and identity.

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AE speaks about her mother and reads a poem she wrote for her.
AE describes her childhood and the cultures she grew up with. AE reflects on her relationship with her French heritage.
MG speaks about what her French heritage and the French Language mean to her. MG describes the role butterflies play in her life.
AE and MG explain the importance of diversity and multiculturalism. MG shares her college essay.
MG reads an essay she wrote about going through high school during the COVID-19 pandemic.
MG speaks about her fears about climate change and her hopes for the future. MG and AE share advice they have for young people.


  • Marielle Gomez
  • Anne-Marie Emanuelli

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