Marina Fayez and her sunday school teacher Nihal Zacharia talk about important advice, and her lovely father.

Recorded November 26, 2017 Archived November 26, 2017 16:03 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Marina Fayez (15) interviews her sunday school teacher Nilhal Zacharia (47) about her father and how lessons have taught her to become who she is today. Mrs. Zacharia shares stories about her humble father and how he effected her. She also talks about some important lessons she has learned and how as a child you think you know everything but always listen to your parents. She also shares that her favorite family holidays are Thanksgiving and Easter and shares the real meaning of these holidays. Nihal discloses this interview with her first job and how that changed her life and showed her the reality. At the end, Marina and Nihal share more important lessons that her religious beliefs have taught her.


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