David Morrison, Mario Lopez Kirker, and Jacob Miller

Recorded March 10, 2020 Archived March 19, 2020 41:43 minutes
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Mario Lopez Kirker (94) and Jacob Miller (98) speak with their friend David Morrison (61) to share stories of their experiences as service members in the Army and Navy during World War II.

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DM shares some WWII history about New Mexico, and asks ML and JM to introduce themselves. ML speaks about joining the Navy at age 17, while taking care of his family; he recalls his parents' reactions, and taking the physical exam.
JM remembers being drafted into the Army at age 20 as a radio operator, and joining the Air Force before being sent back to the Army.
ML shares details of his time as a diesel mechanic, barber, and gunner onboard ships. ML remembers shooting down a plane, earning stars in Guam and the Philippines, and finding a friend on a beach who had survived an attack.
JM remembers being a medic in Scotland, the UK, and France as part of a MASH unit.
ML shares more memories of his time onboard ships, the friends he made among all the diesel mechanics, giving a captain a haircut, and going back home to start a family.
JM speaks about opening a refugee hospital in Germany to help Polish refugees. JM recalls going skiing in Switzerland before returning back home. ML remembers coming back from the war and struggling to find work due to discrimination before becoming a blacksmith, school counselor, and police officer.
JM talks about moving back to Iowa and becoming an Atomic Bomb Inspector. ML and JM speak about meeting. DM shares closing thoughts, and they all express gratitude to one another. ML speaks about his great grandfather briefly.


  • David Morrison (b. 1958)
  • Mario Lopez Kirker (b. 1925)
  • Jacob Miller (b. 1921)

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Milton Hall

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