Marjorie Fritz Birch and Ally Brisbin

Recorded November 17, 2019 Archived November 19, 2019 30:07 minutes
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Marjorie Fritz Birch (70) and her friend Ally Brisbin (34) talk about their involvement in Community Glue Workshop, a free monthly repair clinic in Chicago.

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MFB talks about how she got involved with Community Glue.
AB talks about how she and Carla Bruni started the clinic in 2012.
MFB talks about volunteering to work the front desk at the clinic, and the various items people have brought in over the years.
MFB talks about preservation and the throwaway world we live in, and how she thinks the clinic is cool because of the value of fixing and saving things.
AB talks about the preservation of skills, how she witnesses a lot of people passing on their skills at the clinics, helping other people learn to fix things themselves.
They talk about the most common things people bring in to be fixed: lamps, clothes, electronics, lots of toasters.
AB talks about how the clinic has changed and grown over the years.
MFB points out how most of the fixers are women.
AB emphasizes the importance of the volunteers at Community Glue, and keeping a regular schedule.


  • Marjorie Fritz Birch (b. 1949)
  • Ally Brisbin (b. 1985)

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Community Glue Workshop

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