Mark Brauer and Lisa Jiardini

Recorded December 2, 2022 Archived December 2, 2022 53:59 minutes
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One Small Step partners Mark Brauer (59) and Lisa Jiardini (55) discuss their beliefs and find common ground despite belonging to different political parties.

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Partners ask each other why they wanted to participate ion One Small Step and their shared German heritage.
Lisa shares her assumptions about people from Texas and asks Mark what he means when he describes himself as "fiscally conservative."
Mark talks about his dad being his biggest political influence and why he feels like a "political unicorn" as a socially liberal Republican.
Mark shares how living in a diverse college town influences him and shares his opinion that "most conservatives don't care who people marry" and that he is okay with abortion "within limits."
Lisa shares that she agrees with many of Mark's views and that she is pro-choice, but "wouldn't do it personally" coming from a Roman-Catholic background.
Mark shares how knowing his daughter's gay friend "opened his eyes" to LGBTQ issues. Lisa shares that having personal relationships with LGBTQ people played a similar role in her life.
Lisa shares how losing her brother on 9/11 changed her fundamentally and how dating a Muslim man helped her understand that there are fanatics in every religion.
Both partners discuss how travel has impacted their worldviews.
Mark explains his definition of "Southern Pride" and describes how he was impacted by administering COVID-19 vaccinations in the early days of the pandemic.
Lisa describes her experience during the pandemic.
Both partners express concern about the current lack of civil discourse. Mark shares his belief that there aren't as many "Trumpers" as the media tells us.


  • Mark Brauer
  • Lisa Jiardini

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