Mark C Bird and Ron Bird

Recorded December 7, 2022 Archived December 7, 2022 39:49 minutes
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Mark C Bird (62) and his father, Ron Bird (85), share a conversation about Ron’s varied career path, including making pizza, serving in the Air Force Reserve, and serving as a Texas legislator. They also discuss Ron's early years and the two's memories together.

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Ron Bird (RB) remembers growing up in St. Louis during World War II.
RB talks about one of his first jobs: making pizza.
Mark Bird (MB) asks his dad about what he used to listen to on the radio.
RB remembers going to Washington University in St. Louis and joining ROTC.
RB reflects on his dad's work as a milkman and his influence on RB's values.
MB and RB talk about their hitchhiking trip from San Antonio, Texas to the 1964 World's Fair in New York City.
RB remembers building a pizza place at the Air Force Base in Laredo at a time when it was busy with Vietnam draft recruits.
RB remembers starting a pizza delivery service and delivering to the burn ward unit at the Reserve hospital.
RB tells the story of him and MB meeting Jacqueline Kennedy.
RB talks about his work as a legislator in Texas.


  • Mark C Bird
  • Ron Bird

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